By Wafa Sultan

From front web page of The manhattan Times to YouTube, Dr. Wafa Sultan has develop into a strength radical Islam has to reckon with. For the 1st time, she tells her tale and what she realized, first-hand, approximately radical Islam in A God Who Hates, a passionate memoir through an outspoken Arabic girl that also is a cautionary story for the West. She grew up in Syria in a tradition governed through a god who hates girls. "How can this sort of tradition be whatever yet barbarous?", Sultan asks. "It can't", she concludes "because any tradition that hates its ladies can't love something else." She believes that the god who hates is waging a conflict among modernity and barbarism, no longer a conflict among religions. She additionally is familiar with that it's a conflict radical Islam will lose. Condemned through a few and praised via others for talking out, Sultan wishes all people to appreciate the risk posed through A God Who Hates.

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He states that these sectarians, living in the diocese of Tortosa, numbered some 60,000 and possessed ten castles with their surrounding villages. 17 In 1192, Conrad of Montferrat, the titular ruler of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, fell victim in Tyre to the daggers of two apparent monks, who were allegedly Niz¯ar¯ı emissaries in disguise, sent by the Old Man. This event, occurring just before the death of R¯ashid al-D¯ın Sin¯an himself, the original Old Man of the Mountain, greatly impressed the Frankish circles.

Ammad b. sin. sin wrote his own anti-Ism¯a ¯ıl¯ı tract, consisting of both historical and doctrinal parts, around 372/982. This work, too, has not survived. sin account have been preserved by several later authors, notably the Egyptian historians al-Nuwayr¯ı (d. 733/1333), Ibn al-Daw¯ad¯ar¯ı (d. after 736/1335), and al-Maqr¯ız¯ı (d. sin’s polemical tract that the Kit¯ab al-siy¯asa (Book of Methodology), one of the most popular early travesties attributed to Ism¯a ¯ıl¯ıs, came to be cited. Used by several generations of polemicists and heresiographers as a major source on the secret doctrines of the Ism¯a ¯ıl¯ıs, this anonymous tract evidently contained all the ideas needed to condemn the Ism¯a ¯ıl¯ıs as heretics on account of their alleged libertinism and atheism.

It is then related, in respect to the training of these Assassins or Ashishin, which is the English rendering of Asciscin adopted by Sir Henry Yule (1820–1889),29 the learned translator and commentator of Marco Polo, that Now this Prince whom we call the Old One kept his Court in grand and noble style, and made those simple hill-folks about him believe firmly that he was a great Prophet. And when he wanted one of his Ashishin to send on any mission, he would cause that potion whereof I spoke to be given to one of the youths in the garden, and then had him carried into his Palace.

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