By John A. Love

This is a much-needed replace on a pioneering and celebrated reintroduction undertaking, in addition to crucial history and an goal precis of its justification and importance in international conservation phrases. it's very a lot a private account, instead of a systematic technique, deriving a lot from the author’s personal reports and researches, and liberally illustrated usually through the author’s images and drawings.

This intimate account, usually first-hand, tells all that has occurred because the reintroduction of the white-tailed sea eagle first begun and precisely how its successes over the following 3 and a part a long time have acquired such all over the world reputation and acclaim. The publication contains a category of the eagles and their folklore and knowledge approximately their heritage, distribution and biology.

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Recently in Scotland at least one four-egg clutch resulted from such a trio; the nesting attempt failed. Incubation is undertaken by both species, but the female often takes the larger share, sitting for a period of 38–40 days per egg. They are laid several days apart so, as with most raptors, one chick is larger than its siblings. It is not uncommon, though, for twins to fledge. Steller’s and African Fish Eagles often rear only one, while Madagascar Fish Eagles rarely fledge more than one, while also seemingly prolonging the fledging period by several weeks, from a norm of about ten weeks.

If you were lucky, claiming the bounty might not take a lot of effort. One Shetlander stumbled upon a Sea Eagle with its feet firmly trapped in the 39 A Saga of Sea Eagles body of an enormous halibut. Similarly, a Highlander laid hold of one of a pair of Sea Eagles that tumbled into Loch Lomond whilst talon-grappling. One Faroese man even captured an eagle crouching innocently behind a rock as it sheltered from a snow storm – all he had to do was wring its neck. Even allowing for the Old Scots conversion rate, the bounties being offered would appear to have been exceedingly generous; perhaps eagles were scarce and few people put in the effort to claim them.

The Seafarer (7th-century Anglo-Saxon poem) The eagle – ‘king of birds’ – has long been admired the world over for its majesty, strength and hunting prowess so it is inevitable that it should be adopted as a symbol of might and power. It features on many coats of arms and national flags around the world and has long held a special place in heraldry. The legions of Rome marched under an eagle of silver, its wings outstretched and clutching a thunderbolt in its talons. Roman soldiers deemed it lucky to camp near an eagle’s nest, although perhaps the breeding eagles would not have fully appreciated the military presence.

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