By Richard W. Kroon

Defining greater than 10,000 phrases and words from daily slang to technical phrases and ideas, this dictionary of the audiovisual language embraces greater than 50 topic parts inside of movie, tv, and residential leisure. It comprises phrases from the entire lifecycle of an audiovisual paintings from preliminary proposal via advertisement presentation in the entire significant distribution channels together with theatrical exhibition, tv broadcast, domestic leisure, and cellular media. The dictionary definitions are augmented through greater than six hundred illustrations, 1,600 etymologies, and approximately 2,000 encyclopedic entries that offer illuminating anecdotes, ancient standpoint, and clarifying information that may be ignored through a extra conventional dictionary. utilization notes supply additional tips the place phrases will be careworn or are in general misused.

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Also visual image photography. aerial mount n. A camera mount designed to attach to an aircraft in such a way that the camera can be operated while the aircraft is in flight. See gyro-stabilized camera system. aerial perspective n. An artistic technique that creates the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image by muting the colors and blurring the outlines of more distant objects. aerial photography; aerial shot n. Film or video shot from an airplane, helicopter, or blimp, usually with a special stabilized camera rig; film shot from a high angle of view using a ground-based platform — usually a crane or some other position high above the action that provides a bird’s eye view of the scene.

High-definition television (HDTV), enhancedor extended-definition television (EDTV), improved-definition television (IDTV), and ultra-high-definition television (UHDTV) are all forms of ATV. Also EDTV; 3IDTV. Advanced Television Enhancement Forum n. See ATVEF. Advanced Television Systems Committee n. See ATSC. advanced video coding; AVC n. See MPEG-4 AVC. Advanced-VSB; A-VSB n. See mobile television. adventure n. A genre where the main character goes on a journey through unknown exotic lands on a quest and takes the audience along for the trip.

Sometimes adjustments are made to successful pictures to encourage the exhibitor to take less promising pictures in the future. Adjustments are to the immediate advantage of the exhibitor and to the long-term advantage of the distributor, but are made at the expense of the profit participants. 2. An increase, or bump, in compensation or credit given because of an expansion of responsibilities not covered in the original terms of an agreement. Commonly applied to actors when their roles are revised BUSINESS n.

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