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293-322). Plenum press, New York, 1978. : On Logical Semantics of Relations among Concepts (in Japanese). Proc. of the Second Meeting of Japan Society of Software Science and Technology (1985), pp. 69-72. t [5] Konolige, Kurt: Hierarchic Autoepistemic Theories for Nonmonotonic Reasoning. Technical Report, SRI International, 1988. [6] Miller, Dale: A Logical Analysis of Modules in Logic. , 1987. [7] Nakagawa, Hiroshi, and Mori, Tatsunori: Circumscription with Multiple Worlds. Proc. of the Second Meeting of Japan Society of Software Science and Technology (1986), pp.

The rationalization of the technique of the synchronous stack method is that we can allocate a stack position to each attribute occurrence, when there are only synthesized attributes. 2 The Simple Postfix Transformation This is a special form of the synchronous stack method. The simple postfix transformation eliminates occurrences of postfix synthesized attributes and replaces related semantic functions by output operations. A synthesized attribute A is called a postfix synthesized attribute, if every semantic function concerning attribute A has the following form, where attribute A has string values, operation "*" is a concatenation of strings, and tail is a constant string.

270-276. : Database Updates in Pure Prolog. Proc. of Intl. Conf. on Fifth Generation Computer Systems (1984), ICOT, pp. 244-253. Initially published in "Computer Software", Vol. 4, No. 4, in Japanese. Hideyuki Nakashima Electrotechnical Laboratory 1-4 Umezono-1 Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305 Japan Adaptive Optimal Segmentation Schemes for Multiattribute Files Yuzuru Tanaka Summary. This paper describes optimal file segmentation methods for multiattribute files. Our method minimizes either the average or the maximum number of segment accesses to disk units necessary to execute a retrieval query that requests records with a specified value for one attribute specified among the multiple attributes of the file.

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