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Conversely, sometimes a Daoine finds himself compelled by Fate to tutor a mage who wants to join the Legacy — no matter how unlikely the recruit seems at first glance. Organization: The Daoine usually operate alone, or with their tutors in the case of younger, less-experienced mages. Relationships between tutors and students are either extraordinarily long-lasting or quickly and bitterly ended, with very little in between. Some Daoine recognize the sacred bonds of respect and deference that link student to teacher: these Daoine typically maintain cordial relationships with their teachers long after the apprenticeships are ended.

One might call these stories more parables than history, though. The Pillar Saint and Lucian the Bodiless This tale concerns the first mage of this Legacy, a nameless hermit whose world was shaken by a creature calling itself Lucian the Bodiless. Once upon a time, this hermit — whom the Exultants call the Pillar Saint — lived a life of ascetic austerity. He did not eat, drink or sleep. His body was burned raw by the sun as he sat forever atop a tall pillar in the desert. He was very proud of himself and what he had accomplished.

She puts out a subtle call through the webs of Fate that brings The customs and attainments of this Legacy date back thousands of years; nobody knows where and when they began. “Daoine” itself is a Gaelic word for the faerie-folk. However, some mages trace the Legacy’s name to Athena, whom the Greeks called Goddess of Just Deserts and companion of the Fates. Other mages trace the Daoine to the djinni of Arab legend. Most modern Daoine, however, say their Legacy has no distinct origin. They were fated to exist; and they shall endure as long as Fate decrees.

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