By Edward Jablonski

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This was a bitter development for Kenney, already relieved the overworked 19th who had Bombard- ment Group, which had begun flying their equally overworked B-17s back to the United States. In what with in —and "borrowing" (on the second mission to Rabaul the B-24 carrying Group Commander Colonel Arthur training set leakages discovered in the cooling system, problems the operational P-38s by the South Pacific of command Solomons campaign. Eventually, in to operate. The December 1942, first the P-38s began Japanese plane brought down by one was achieved in an unorthodox manner.

Am force) BUCCANEER "We now about were convoy on 21 port its opposite the middle of the Havocs each wheeled almost left to come in against Our two Vs side. [left] at right angles to the We broadside. it down from about 2,000 feet of six now were sliding an angle that at would have us brushing the masts as we went ovei enemy ships. "The time was the . exactly "Young Charles Mayo wingman, and right V side of our and two The 10:03. ships ahead left. were I on the flying was a ship ahead leader, flight followed me.

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