By Mahmoud Darwish

Authoritative info and lovely pictures in the back of the ebook is a 12-page foldout timeline which might be indifferent and displayed on a wall or observe board, delivering an enticing quickly visible connection with the main classes, occasions and advancements of Islamic civilizations from nearly the seventh to the twentieth centuries advert. The 32-page e-book bargains introductions to every of the classes and dynasties, with brief sections on specific topics and at the nice achievements of Islamic paintings and tradition over the centuries. either booklet and timeline are richly illustrated all through with colour images, together with quite a few items from museum collections.

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Эта книга Фархада Дафтари - первое всестороннее исследование, результат современных знаний западной науки об исмаилизме - второго по величине (после шиитов-двунадесятников) направления в шиитской ветви ислама. Исмаилитские группы существовали в разных странах под различными названиями. Основание халифата Фатимидов, которые выдавали себя за потомков имама Исмаила, привело к размежеванию между карматами и фатимидскими исмаилитами, под властью которых оказались Магриб, Египет, Сирия, Палестина и Хиджаз.

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I said: I will testify that I am alive, even from afar. And that I dreamed that he who was dreaming was none other than myself. And my day, Tuesday, was spacious and long, and my night like a short encore I added to the play after the curtain was down. But I shall harm no one if I add, It was a beautiful day, like a true love story on an express train. (Ifthe canary does not sing to you, myfriend, blame no one but yourself. Ifthe canary does not sing to you, then you yourselfsing to it. Sing to itJ .

Be an angel, not to impress her with your metaphor, but so that she may kill you to avenge her femininity and escape the snare of metaphor. Perhaps she has come to love you since you raised her to the sky, and you became another person, occupying the highest throne in her sky. And there, matters became confused among the stars, between Pisces and Virgo. She Has Not Come She has not come, I said, and will not come. So I will arrange my evening as befits my disappointment and her absence. I put out the flame of her candles, and turned on the electric light.

I will not return, and you will not return! v . EXILE 1 Tuesday, a Bright Day Tuesday, a bright day. I walk along a side street, roofed over by chestnut trees. I walk lightly, lightly, as if I had evaporated from my body, as if I had an appointment with a poem. I look at my watch, absent-minded. I leaf through distant clouds, which register lofty ideas in the sky. My heart's affairs I turn over to a walnut tree: without electricity like a small hut on the seashore. Faster, slower, faster I walk.

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