By Maxim Ryadnov; Ferenc Hudecz

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Proteins, 2014, 39, 21–67 . 1039/9781849739962-00021 View Online and on the basis of the remarkable analogy between the coordination chemistry of Pt(II) and Pd(II) complexes, labile Pd(II) complexes are often used as models for the Pt(II) complexes. 130 In another work, Pd(II)-dmen, where dmen = N,Ndimethylethylenediamine, was synthesized and characterized and also the stability constants for the ternary complexes formed between Pd(II), dmen and an amino acid, peptide, or dicarboxylic acid were determined.

The availability of accurate pK values is an important condition for the exact evaluation of complex formation. 160 Lanthanides are generally form low stability complexes with simple peptide molecules. 162 The application of new experimental techniques resulted in a significant contribution to better understanding of the metal ion peptide interactions in many cases. 163 This technique was based upon the observation that the binding of a terminal amine of the peptide depresses totally its nucleophilic Amino Acids, Pept.

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