By Niko Tinbergen and The Editors of LIFE

Smooth scholars of animal habit, between whom Dr. Tinbergen is a pacesetter, have many times proven that relatedness of alternative animal species is simply as without doubt expressed via evaluating their habit styles as by way of evaluating their physique forms.
Being comparative, habit learn isn't really a box for the slender professional. Dr. Tinbergen's individual paintings contains research of the homing of wasps, the courtship of butterflies and the nesting habit of sea birds. His huge adventure and deep insights are right here mixed in a desirable quantity which constitutes not just a problem yet an encouragement to each reader. a person, Dr. Tinbergen turns out to assert, with a pointy eye and ear, a degree of persistence and a fit skepticism approximately leaping to conclusions, can profitably examine animals and will conceivably make observations of lasting price to technology. [From the creation]

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Formed by the animal up and is In many crustaceans the otolith is not but consists of a grain of sand that the animal picks sheds its shell. Alois Kreidl, a resourceful Austrian demonstrated the function of this grain of sand most ingenious and interesting fashion. He put a shrimp in an aquarium on a bed of iron filings instead of sand. When it molted, the unfortunate animal ended with a grain of iron in its gravity organ, and when a strong magnet was held over it, it swam upside down. Some aquatic insects keep their balance in the water in still another way.

Ihis seem arrangement would to give the thinking cat choice in more responding to what it sees than the reflex-dominated frog. have much more comphcated retinas, made up of three separate layers of nerve cells. Light entering the eye passes right through the cells of the two layers, without affecting them, on its first wa> to Here it triggers nerve impulses which pass from the receptors to the bipolar cells lor initial processing on along the fibers that form the optic nerve finally to the brain for how the receptors at back.

There is no point in quarreling about a term what we can all agree on is that v\e must find their prey are all — — continue our studies of the animals windows to the world. 44 ALTHOUGH MOST SPIDERS RELY ON TOUCH FOR THEIR INFORMATION, THE WOLF SPIDER DEPENDS ON ITS BEADY EYES— ALL EIGHT OF THEM Senses: Means to an End All est, all animals, from the lowest on the evolutionary scale to the high- manifest behavior of may be some sort. Though all share one world, said to live in different worlds, since each perceives best only that part of the environment essential to Thus, how an animal behaves has much to its do with what success.

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