By J. Robert King

The tip is near!

Phyrexian plagues and surprise troops have taken their toll. the ultimate level of the invasion has started, and the darkish lord Yawgmoth himself plans to go over into Dominaria to say his prize. With time working out, the battered heroes’ final desire to avoid wasting their domestic lies in an historical, untested weapon, a jumble of artifacts often called the Legacy.

Bear witness to the apocalypse.

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Always before, he had been the living spirit in the machine. Now Weatherlight had her own spirit. She no longer needed him. With the Thran Tome in her makeup, she was a thinking, feeling, living creature. Karn wished he could bear her pain, or at least share it, but he could not. He could only kneel there and mutter useless comforts and wait to discover what new creature came into being before him. ***** Moving from patient to patient in the overcrowded sickbay, Orim sought the source of the agony that filled the room.

The minotaur scanned the sleeping and well-tended patients. " "Positive," she responded, leaning over his bunk to rest one hand on his forehead. The contact sent an overwhelming wave of agony through her. She crumpled to her knees and tightened her grip on the wooden edge of the bunk. Her vision narrowed to a sparking tunnel. "How can you ... " Tahngarth reached up and peeled her hand from his forehead. The agony continued unabated. "It's not me," he said simply. Then, reaching down, he pulled her other hand away from the bunk.

Ten miles away, the ground had shuddered. Here, just beside the crack, solid rock bulged outward. It shoved back the Kavu and hurled the commanders from the beasts' backs. They fell with what grace they could muster, not crying out in surprise or pain, but certainly grunting on impact. Eladamri, Liin Sivi, and Grizzlegom one by one struck the ground, spun onto their bellies, and stared toward the crevice. Their mountainous steeds scrambled away from the hissing vent. Once again, the white shock of smoke emerged.

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