By David Baker

This booklet is addressed to the wishes of the composer-arranger who's drawn to writing for small combos (3-10 items) in jazz, rhythm & blues, and jazz-rock. It contains excerpts from small workforce preparations, entire rankings of recorded and released preparations, musical examples, urged recordings, and advised analyzing.

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2. At school, we used to learn French verbs 3. He's not even a junior manager. He's way down 4. My new boss has taken a special interest in my career. She's taken me 5. All my children have grown up and 6. One stupid comment to the media and your reputation can be destroyed 7. My husband really is He gets up at six every morning. 8. I'm saving carefully. I'll have a nice little by the time I retire. 1 don't like people who return to their home town and in expensive clothes and big cars. 10. Let's check the timetable and pick up the tickets at the same time.

He'll scream murder. 9. She was caught -handed. 4. That's like a rag to a bull. 10. It was a -letter day. 5. Ask till you're in the face! 11. It was a bolt out of the 6. I do it once in a moon. 12. I got the carpet treatment. What sort of things make you see red? 55 1: Literal meanings Fill in the following words in the definitions below: lanes crossroads collision gear overtake bend dead-end backseat steer crash 1. When you pass another car going in the same direction, you it. 2. You the car with the steering-wheel.

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