By René Glas

The multiplayer on-line role-playing online game global of Warcraft has develop into probably the most well known computing device video games of the prior decade, introducing thousands around the globe to community-based play. in the obstacles set via its layout, the sport encourages gamers to acceptable and form the sport, leading to hugely various and artistic kinds of participation. Battlefields of Negotiation analyzes the advanced courting among teams of worldwide of Warcraft gamers and the game’s vendors and builders. A well timed examine an enormous electronic phenomenon, the e-book sheds new mild on complicated consumer-producer relationships within the more and more participatory yet nonetheless tightly managed international of on-line games. ** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Even with an ever-evolving game like World of Warcraft, an analysis of some of the key choices in its design will shed light on the affordances and limitations that form the basis of play. The following three chapters will therefore serve as both an in-depth introduction to the game as well as a reference point for the rest of the book, where player behaviour deliberately or accidentally diverges from Blizzard’s intended use. While games in general might not necessarily be tied to certain media or platforms – you can play chess on almost anything – in digital games the practices of play are, as media theorist Alexander Galloway notes, ‘embedded inside algorithmic game machines’ (2006: 21).

40 battlefields of negotiation 5: Battlefields of Negotiation The previous chapters conveyed how one should not limit observations of a MMORPG such as World of Warcraft to one perspective. It does not do justice to its complexity, potentially limiting one’s understanding of the game. I have therefore tried to frame World of Warcraft through four main perspectives. First, I discussed World of Warcraft from a game design perspective, framing the MMORPG genre as a problematic type of game, as it defies classic game definitions.

This is worth repeating, as it influences how to think of World of Warcraft as a cultural artifact: it is not a product that is published but a service that is provided. As Internet researcher Sal Humphreys, who has written extensively about EULA-related issues concerning the MMORPG Everquest, points out: Structurally [publication and service] are built on different mechanisms. Publication is an industry built around the notion of property. Powerful discourses circulate that construct publications as property subject to ownership and theft.

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