By Johns Capt W.E (William Earle)

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They slipped most of the way down the reverse slope, which was steeper. However, they got to the bottom and walked onto the edge of the cliff. There was nothing formidable about it. Nowhere was it more than sixty feet high. It was not until this moment, when he looked down, that there dawned in Ginger's mind an uneasy suspicion that all was not well. Not only was there not a soul in sight but an unnatural hush hung over the place. The guest-house, on the edge of a pathetic-looking little orchard almost immediately below them, had that forlorn and desolate look which an unoccupied building soon acquires.

But let me tell you what this is about so that you can judge for yourselves. If you say the prospect, of success are no more than a forlorn hope then I'll make a report to that effect. " "You needn't tell me," agreed the Air Commodore sadly. "But let us get down to it. In this case, the section of the world with which we are concerned is China, and China is a hefty slice of the earth's surface. To be more precise, it occupies about four million square miles. The actual spot that is worrying us is just about in the centre of Asia, more than a thousand miles from the nearest sea—literally the back of beyond, as you might say.

Ginger became practical. "We'd better get that food in, and out of sight, in case we have visitors," he suggested grimly. " What he was really thinking was how the three of them, in that time, were going to clear the big depression of obstacles so that Biggles could land and pick them up. Watch would have to be kept, too, in order that they were not taken by surprise at the work. His eyes went up to the rows of holes in the face of the cliff. Had it not been for the guardian Buddhas, he thought, they would have looked like an enormous colony of sand martin nests.

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