By Emily Fox-Kales

Combining the analytical instruments of cinema reports with insights from medical perform inquisitive about consuming problems, physique photographs deals a compelling case for common media literacy to wrestle the results of the "eating disordered tradition" represented in Hollywood productions and well known pictures of big name life.

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PMQZQV[]NÅKQMV\NMUQVQVQ\a#_PQTMQV\MMVÅTU[[]KPI[Jawbreakers food is depicted as the “gross” enemy which must be avoided at all costs to prevent getting fat—always the fate worse than death. Images of _WUMVMI\QVOIZMZM[MZ^MLNWZÅTU[NMI\]ZQVOXT][[QbMKPIZIK\MZ[_PW are constructed as either devouring monsters with destructive appetites for power and possession of men—or pathologically repressed and desperately lonely spinsters. 38 The book omits other important voices, however— in part because of Hollywood’s failure to provide screen images that _W]TL NIKQTQ\I\M QLMV\QÅKI\QWV _Q\P UWZM LQ^MZ[M JWLa ZMXZM[MV\I\QWV[ +WV[XQK]W][Ta IJ[MV\ NZWU XWX]TIZ UW^QM[ IZM ÅTU[ NWK][ML WV \PM JWLQM[WN IOQVO_WUMV#_Q\PNM_M`KMX\QWV[[]KPI[\PMJW`WNÅKMPQ\[ by director Nancy Myers, Something’s Gotta Give (2003) and 1\¼[+WUXTQKI\ML (2009) about the sexual adventures of their midlife heroines, Hollywood either writes older women out of the script entirely or sidelines them to peripheral stock roles as asexual mothers-in-law and over the hill seductresses.

Hollywood can’t resist the impulse to tell us a socially redemptive thing or two. After dazzling with luxurious visions of a teen fantasy world in +T]MTM[[NWZM`IUXTM\PMÅTUQ[KIZMN]T\WKPI[\Q[MQ\[^ITTMaOQZTPMZWQVM NWZ PMZ UMOI UI\MZQITQ[U IVL \MIKP PMZ \PM MZZWZ WN  PMZ [MTÅ[P _Ia[ But while a gentle didactic message may render mainstream movies politically correct, their visual conventions far more potently glamorize \PM[IUMK]T\]ZM\PMaKTIQU\WKZQ\QY]M)VLQ\Q[\PZW]OP\PM¹[PWW\QVOº of the woman’s body—the framing, lighting, camera angle, costuming, and placement of her image on the screen—that Hollywood movies UW[\ XW_MZN]TTa KWVÅZU IVL ^ITWZQbM \PM KWV\MUXWZIZa NMUITM QLMIT of a perfectly contained and restrained body.

KWUMLa The Major and the Minor. 

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