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Cinderella goes to the ball, where she entrances the prince. Finally, she wears the glass slipper and marries the prince. Activities 1. Read the story aloud, taking time to enjoy the illustrations. Then explain that the students are going to create a résumé, a record of background and skills, for Cinderella. Create a form similar to the example below. Character's Name Address Education and Training Work History Skills Goals 2. Create similar résumés for the stepsisters. 3. Expand on what the students know about Cinderella by developing her character more fully.

Previous page page_35 next page > < previous page page_36 next page > Page 36 Idiomatic Language Gwynne, Fred. The King Who Rained. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1970. Grade levels: 2-3. In this amusing book, a king rains, forks lay in the road, a mole perches on the daddy's nose, lambs gamble, the mommy has a frog in her throat, and sometimes mommy uses throat spray when she's horse. The use of illustrations to show the literal quality of idioms makes this book ideal for introducing the concept of idiomatic language.

Grade levels: K-1. Before dinosaurs go visiting, they get ready just like humans: They groom themselves, put on clean clothes, and prepare gifts and food. When they arrive, they visit, chat, eat a fine meal, clean up, dance, and have a great time. When it is time to go home, they hug and kiss everyone good-bye. The endpapers show photographs of their visit. Activities 1. Before reading the book aloud, ask the students to list all the things they do before they go to visit friends or relatives. Write their contributions on the board.

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