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The areas in which we are active, include: ● ● ● ● ● The internet The World Wide Web Mobile and wireless networking Digital broadcasting Information technology Projects Communicating while on the move While a couple of decades ago, mobile phones were a luxury gadget used by a small sector of society, the GSM (digital mobile phones) revolution has dramatically changed that. These days, being able to communicate while on the move has become absolutely essential. However, quite a number of deaf and hard of hearing people are unable to communicate in this manner and face increasing barriers in employment, education, social life and entertainment as a result.

10. Identify three ways in which information can be input into a system. 11. What output considerations should be addressed in terms of HCI design? Human Computer Interaction 49 Assessment activities Grading criteria Content Suggested activity P1 Describe one impact of HCI in recent years on each of society, economy and culture. Carry out research to look at how HCI has impacted upon society, the economy and culture over recent years. Produce an information leaflet. P2 Explain two fundamental principles of HCI design.

There is too much paperwork. 6. There is little communication with other departments. 7. Targets which are set by head office cannot always be met due to the stock ordering problem. 8. Some stock items that come in are not all barcoded. 8 Branch structure. Operations Distribution 19 CHAPTER 1 Data Analysis and Design CHAPTER 1 20 BTEC National for IT Practitioners: Systems Units Hungarian notation – a notation widely used in programming, especially ‘C’, that represents the data type or intended use of a variable within its name.

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