By Richard Gombrich, and K.R. Norman Edited by Gatare Dhammapala

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24 . Abhayakaragupta was born in the eleventh century into a K~atriya family of Bengal. According to some, he hailed from Orissa or Bihar. The Tanjur informs us that he wrote about 20 works on the Vajrayana, of which at least four original Sanskrit texts are extant. Some of his renowned works are: MarmakaumudI,' Bodhipaddhati, Srlmafijuvajradi-kramabhisamayasarouccaya:-ni ~panna (yo gavall-nama), 25 Vajrayanapatti -mafijarI, AmnayamafijarL It is not certain that he ever visited Tibet, but his influence there was considerable.

The commentary states that those practitioners who can give up all lust (chandaraga) for the practice of serenity and insight can become Worthy Ones (MA III 13-14); those who cannot, become Non-returners (MA III 14). Giving up lust for practice should not be confused with giving up practice. According to the commentaries, a wholesome mind has such HARVEY B. ' . , which allow the wholesome mind to initiate work without involving lust or greed (Vism xiv. 133). " Buddhaghosa explains that" spontaneous rebirth" is the type of rebirth attained by deities (Vism xvii.

And tr. by H. P. Sastri in JETS 1893. , Colombo 1961, and "Acharya Sri Ramachandra Bharati's Bhakti Sataka", The Mahabodhi, 80, Calcutta, 1972. 12. Ed. D. D. Kosambi and V. V. Golchale, Harvard Oriental Series, Cambridge, Mass. 1957; t1'. D. H. H. Ingalls, An Anthology. of Sanskrit Court Poetry, ibid. 1965. 13. This produced a genre of religious poetry, incltlding caryagftis, caryapadas and dohas. The best known collection is the Caryagltikosa, an anthology of about fifty such poems, which was first edited by H.

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