By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

This is often the 5th quantity of a complete sequence which covers approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera identified to ensue within the Palaearctic area. the knowledge supplied for every species is as follows: basic taxonomic details of all on hand names within the genus and species degrees released through the top of 1999; the taxonomic details lower than subfamily, equipped alphabetically; and the kind species of genera and subgenera, together with synonyms. Distributional information of species and subspecies is given in keeping with state. specific distributional details for strict endemics is equipped, and brought species are indicated. The sequence is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the United States, and Australia.

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Strand, 1929: 24 [RN] type species Hallomenus affinis Paykull 1799 Carida Mulsant, 1856c: 61 [HN] affinis Paykull, 1799: 181 (Hallominus) E: AU BY CR CT CZ DE EN FI FR GB GE HU IT LA LT NR NT PL RO SK SL SP ST SV SZ UK A: ES FE KZ WS picea Walker, 1837:83 flexuosa Paykull, 1799: 182 (Hallominus) E: AB AL AR AU BE BH BU BY CR CT CZ DE EN FI FR GB GE GG HU IR IT LA LS LT MD NL NR NT PL RO SK SL ST SV UK A: TR undata Panzer, 1799c: 23 (Hallomenus) scriptipennis Lewis, 1895a: 269 A: FE JA NE genus Anisoxya Mulsant, 1856c: 45 type species Dircaea tenuis Rosenhauer, 1847 conicicollis Champion, 1916b: 34 A: FE JA fuscula Illiger, 1798: 132 (Serropalpus) E: AL AU BE BH BU CR CZ DE FR GB GE GG HU IT MC MD NL NR PL RO SK SL ST S V SZ UK YU mustela Abeille de Perrin, 1869: 42 tenuis Rosenhauer, 1847: 34 {Dircaea) genus Dircaea Fabricius, 1798: 6 type species Dircaea quadriguttata Fabricius, 1798 australis Fairmaire, 1856: 546 E: AU BH BY CR CZ FR GE HU RO SK SL SV SZ UK YU imitata Olexa, 1955:38 quadriguttata Duftschmid, 1812: 264 [HN] quadrisignata Mulsant, 1856c: 71 erotyloides Lewis, 1895a: 267 A: JA SC quadriguttata Paykull, 1798: 251 (Hypulus) E: BY CR CT EN FI FR IT LA NT PL SK ST SV UK A· ES FE JAKZMGNEWS guttata Stierlin, 1898: 166 [DA] quadriguttata Fabricius, 1798: 122 shibatai Hayashi, 1960: 42 reducta Pic, 1954a: 53 A: FUJ ussuriensis Nikitsky, 1985b: 57 A: FE nomen dubium Serropalpus quadrimaculata Illiger, 1798: 130 genus Dircaeomorpha Fairmaire, 1896b: 122 type species Dircaeomorpha clavicornis Fairmaire, 1896 elegans Sasaji, 1974: 4 A: JA SC validicornis Lewis, 1895a: 266 (Dircaea) A: JA genus Paradircaea Nikitsky, 1998b: 44 type species Dircaea dentatomaculata Lewis, 1895 dentatomaculata Lewis, 1895a: 267 (Dircaea) A: FE JA SC genus Phloiotrya Stephens, 1832: 35 type species Phloiotrya rufipes Stephens, 1832 subgenus Phloiotrya Stephens, 1832: 35 type species Phloiotrya rufipes Stephens, 1832 Phloeotrya Agassiz, 1846b: 286 [unjustified emendation] bellicosa Lewis, 1895a: 266 A: FE JA NC NE SC flavitarsis Lewis, 1895a: 266 (Dircaea) A: JA NE granicollis Seidlitz, 1898b: 556 E: IT N: TU ishikawai Toyoshima, 1999: 98 A: JA obscura Lewis, 1895a: 268 (Dircaea) A: ES FE JA SC rufomarginella Hayashi, 1960: 43 subcostulata Pic, 1953c: 335 planiuscula Nomura & Katö, 1959: 8 A: JA quercicola Champion, 1922a: 74 A: UP rufipes Gyllenhal, 1810: 519 (Dircaea) E: AU BE BH BY CR CZ FI FR GB GE IT LA MD NL NR PL RO SK SLSVSZUKYU 66 MELANDRYIDAE testaceipennis Pic, 1900g: 62 (Dircaea) rufoventris Nomura, 1958: 9 A: JA rugicollis Marseul, 1876d: 334 A: FE JA SC shimomurai Toyoshima & Y.

Chûjö, 1939: 4 A: JA (Honshu) potystictiM. Chûjö, 1939: 5 A: TAI pumilio Baudi di Selve, 1874c: 338 (Cis) A: CY puncticollis Wollaston, 1860a: 360 N: MR punctifer Mellié, 1848: 344 E: CR FR HU İT RO SZ A: CY punctulatus Gyllenhal, 1827: 625 E: AU BE BH CR CT CZ DE EN Fi FR GB GE HU İT LT NL NR NT PL RO SK SL SV pygmaeus glutinosus Peyerimhoff, 1919a: 186 N: AG pygmaeuspygmaeus Marsham, 1802: 86 (Ptinus) E: AU BE CZ DE FR GB GE HU IT NL NR PL RO SK SV nigricornis Marsham, 1802: 87 (Ptinus) oblongus Mellié, 1848: 341 pandellei Abeille de Perrin, 1874a: 73 rhododactylus Marsham, 1802: 87 (Ptinus) quadridens Mellié, 1848: 270 E: AU BH BY CR CZ Fi FR GE IT NR NT PL RO SK ST SV SZ UK FR SZ quadridentulus Perris, 1874: liii E: CRFRIT ragusai Roubal, 1916: 89 E: İT (Sicilia) robustithorax Yıc, 1915k: 22 N: AG rufocastaneus Nakane & Nobuchi, 1955: 48 A: JA (Honshu, Shikoku) rugulosus Mellié, 1848: 242 E: AU BE CT CZ EN Fi FR GE İT LT NL NT SK ST SV SZ pyrrhocephalus Mellié, 1848: 244 [ΗΝ] rubiginosus Mellié, 1848: 243 sasajii Kawanabe, 2001: 267 A: JA (Hokkaidö) sasakawai Nobuchi, 1960a: 37 A: Japan (Hokkaidö) seriatocribratus Reitter, 1913b: 124 A: TD UZ seriatopilosus Motschulsky, 1861: 17 A: FE JA seriatulus Kiesenwetter, 1879: 320 A: JA sibiricus Schilsky, 1900: 75 A: FE sinensis Pic, 1917f: 4 (Ennearthron) A: YUN striatulus Mellié, 1848: 264 E: AB AU BH CR FR GE GG GR HU IT PL SP ST SZ N: AG A: TR flavipes Lucas, 1849: 470 [ΗΝ] peyronis Abeille de Perrin, 1874a: 65 submicans Abeille de Perrin, 1874a: 28 E: AB AR AU BE BH BY CR CT CZ DE EN FI FR GB GE GG GR HU IT LA LT NL NR NT PL SK ST SV SZ UK A: FE TR [micans sensu auct, nec Fabricius, 1792] taiwanus M.

Schneider, 1792: 242 {Ptilinus) fasciatus Panzer, 1793 a: 3 {Helops) bodemeyeri Reitter, 1909b: 51 A:TR cingulatus Lewis, 1895a: 269 A: JA higonius Lewis, 1895a: 269 A: JA maroliiformis Reitter, 1911c: 234 A: KZ quercinus Quensel, 1790: 17 {Elater) E: AU BE BH BU BY CR CT CZ DE EN FR GB GE HU IT LA NL NR PL RO SK SL ST SV SZ UK YU blekingensis D. H. Schneider, 1792: 241 {Elater) dubius Fabricius, 1792a: 211 {Notoxus) undulatus Pic, 1925d: 11 relictus Semenov, 1900e: 685 {Mystaxus) A: TD UZ genus Marolia Mulsant, 1856c: 92 type species Serropalpus variegatus Bosc, 1791 grandis Peyerimhoff, 1917c: 330 N: AG leseigneuriNicolas, 1977: 282 E: FRIT SZ purkynei Mařan, 1933: 112 E: BH BU MC RO YU variegata Bosc, 1791: 329 {Serropalpus) E: FR GBi IT SP SZ obscurithoraxYic, 1925a: 1 MELANDRYIDAE 67 genus Neogonus Hampe, 1873: 165 type species Neogonusplasoni Hampe, 1873 subgenus Metax Semenov & Arnoldi, 1937: 221 type species Neogonus hiemalis Semenov & Arnoldi, 1937 fausti Reitter, 1880d: 546 E: AB hiemalis Semenov & Arnoldi, 1937: 223 A: TM subgenus Neogonus Hampe, 1873: 165 type species Neogonus plasoni Hampe, 1873 Opsigonus Baudi di Selve, 1877c: 409 type species Opsigonus kruperi Baudi di Selve, 1877 emgei Reitter, 1884b: 91 E: GR hamper Reitter, 1897e: 221 E: AR minos Reitter, 1897e: 222 E: GR plasoni Hampe, 1873: 165 E: GR kruperi Baudi di Selve, 1877c: 409 {Opsigonus) genus Nipponomarolia Miyatake, 1982a: 29 type species Nipponomarolia kobensis Miyatake, 1982 kidoi Nakane, 1989: 9 A: JA kobensis Miyatake, 1982a: 30 A: JA matsuyamensis Miyatake, 1982a: 33 A: JA nagaii Nakane, 1989: 9 A: JA oharai Nakane, 1989: 9 A: JA tribe Melandryini Leach, 1815 genus Bonzicus Lewis, 1895a: 270 type species Bonzicus hypocrita Lewis, 1895 hypocrita Lewis, 1895a: 271 A: JA NE notatus Pic, 1934e:28 genus Ivania Lewis, 1895a: 271 type species Ivania coccinea Lewis, 1895 coccinea Lewis, 1895a: 271 A: FE (Kunashir, Sakhalin) JA TAI genus Melandrya Fabricius, 1801a: 163 type species Helops serratus Fabricius, 1775 subgenus Apteromelandrya Gusakov, 2005: 117 type species Melandrya minshanensis Gusakov, 2005 minshanensis Gusakov, 2005: 117 A: SCH subgenus Emmesa Newman, 1838: 376 type species Emmesa connectens Newman, 1838 atricolor Lewis, 1895a: 273 A: JA flavipennis Nakane & Hayashi, 1955: 81 A: JA karafutona Kono, 1930d: 50 A: FE JA NC ordinaria Lewis, 1895a: 274 A: JA pictipennis Lewis, 1895a: 275 A: JA rausuana Nakane, 1963b: 224 A: ES FE JA rufonotata Nomura, 1958: 13 A: JA utakoae Sasaji, 1988: 43 {Prothalpia) A: JA subgenus Eumelandrya Nomura, 1959: 45 type species Melandrya obsoletomaculata Nomura, 1958 duodecimmaculata Nakane & Hayashi, 1955: 81 A: JA obsoletomaculata Nomura, 1958: 12 A: JA subgenus Melandrya Fabricius, 1801a: 163 type species Helops serratus Fabricius, 1775 barbata Fabricius, 1787a: 213 {Helops) E: AU BE BH CR CT CZ DE FI FR GB GE HU IT NR NT PL RO SK SL SV SZ UK YU flavicornis Duftschmid, 1812: 262 caraboides Linnaeus, 1760: 173 {Chrysomela) E: AB AR AU BE BH BU CR CZ DE FR GB GE GG HU IR IT LA LS MC MD NL NR PL RO SK SL SP ST SV SZ TR UK YU A: TR coerulescens Petri, 1912: 230 luridipes Pic, 1907e: 138 rufibarbis Schaller, 1783: 324 {Tenebrio) serrata Fabricius, 1775: 257 {Helops) tibialis Viturat, 1895: 110 fasciata Nikitsky, 1974: 61 A: FE gloriosa Lewis, 1895a: 272 A: FE JA NE MELANDRYIDAE 68 modesta Lewis, 1895a: 273 A: FE JA quadricostata Hayashi, 1960: 46 mongolica Solsky, 1871: 378 A: CH ES FE JA MG NC NE SC WS parallela Nomura & Kato, 1968: 1 A: FE JA rufipes Gebler, 1829a: 130 A: ES FE MG WS fulgida Motschulsky, 1845a: 81 inequalis Pic, 1927a: 2 kieberi Laporte, 1840: 249 splendida Faldermann, 1833: 58 shimoyamai Hayashi, 1960: 45 A: FE JA ussuriensis Nikitsky, 1972: 342 A: FE subgenus Paramelandrya Nikitsky, 2002: 24 type species Tenebrio dubius Schaller, 1783 dubia Schaller, 1783: 326 (Tenebrio) E: AU BE BU BY CZ DE EN Fi FR GE HU İT LA LT NRNT PL RO SK ST SV SZ UK A: ES FE JA MG NC SC WS alternans Motschulsky, 1872: 42 canaliculata Fabricius, 1787a: 213 (Helops) caraboides Latreille, 1818a: 42 goryi Laporte, 1840: 249 niponica Lewis, 1895a: 273 rufipes Chevrolat, 1833a: pl.

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