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A system of notation could be improved by adding new entities that can be combined into a structure. We could also define new processes that can operate upon these structures. - 58 - Research design In order to improve musical instruments and notation systems, we could also consider the situation in which they are meant to be used. Devising a system for notation that is not restricted to specific musical instruments has been one of the major inventions in the history of music. If we view the matter symmetrically, musical instruments as well as systems for music notation can both be thought of as ‘meeting points’ between ‘what they are’ and ‘in which surroundings they operate’.

This suggests an increasing differentiation and refinement of musical structures and forms. 6). This may have limited the opportunities to use music as a medium to communicate, rather than extended them. Musical interfaces A system for music notation, such as the traditional notation system (TNS), can itself be conceived of as the implementation of an alphabet5 and a grammar (a language) of making music that has developed from the past. 2). Much written music is transient and falls into oblivion.

A flamenco performance constitutes my prime example of a musical session with the desired form of group improvisation. 3). A genuine flamenco performance develops within the framework of a musical culture that specifically supports the construction of temporal SCCs that reveal collective talent. The flamenco culture can also itself be conceived of as an SCC. 3). The flamenco culture is enacted by the participants in a flamenco session (which may also incorporate active members of the audience).

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