By Lars Svensson

Following on from its highly profitable release in 1999, Collins chook advisor - the final word reference ebook for fowl lovers - now enters its moment variation. With increased textual content and extra color illustrations, the second one version of the highly winning Collins poultry advisor is a needs to for each birdwatcher. The booklet presents the entire details had to establish any species at any time of the 12 months, masking dimension, habitat, diversity, identity and voice. Accompanying each species access is a distribution map and illustrations exhibiting the species in the entire significant plumages (male, lady, immature, in flight, at leisure, feeding: no matter what is important). furthermore, every one staff of birds comprises an advent which covers the foremost difficulties eager about determining or gazing them: the best way to organise a sea looking at journey, the way to separate birds of prey in flight, which duck hybrids should be harassed with which major species. those and lots of different universal birdwatching questions are spoke back. the combo of definitive textual content, updated distribution maps and wonderful illustrations, all in one quantity, makes this booklet the last word box advisor, crucial on each bookshelf and birdwatching journey.

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Recalling Tufted Duck but lower-pitched; now and then more typical falling 'ptiooh' (voice reminiscent of Eider). Growling call of ~ likeTufted Duck's but is deeper, more drawn out and voice raucous,'krrab krrah krrah .. '. ' Tufted Duck Aythyafuligu/a rB41W2 L 4~7 em, WS 65- 72 em. Versatile in choice of breeding ~abllat, therefore common: open, clear, oligotrophic lakes 111 forested areas; densely vegetated, eutrophic lowland lakes ~nd ":larshes; alon~ seashores; on tundra pools; slow-fiowmg nv~rs; reservorrs; park lakes; etc.

In particular adult. white trailing edge is broader than bar along greater coverts . m spnng bold white bars green broad white edge juv. ;? ;? JUV. all greyr ad. cf BLUE-WINGED TEAL more rufoustinged often associates with Shovelers (left) lacks inent pale trailing edge ad. ;? (see p. 423) ad. ;? lacks patch weaker eye-stripe ad. ;? thin ~ale eye-nng ad. cf pale spot TEAL. ;? Teal'•;nht) broad white edge dark-bordered light spot BAIKAL TEAL narrow pale patch ad. ;? JUV. KM - red-brown ad. cf ad.

9 'mobile' crest tiny little duck! ad. cJ' ad. d' around late winter. 1st-w d'd' develop dark mantle and white on back of head KM -- - 48 GROUSE Tetraoninae Medium-sized to large, sturdy and thickset, non-migratory birds of mountain slopes and boreal forests. Spend much time on ground. Feathered nostrils, strong completely or partly feathered feet and lack of spurs are common f~atures, as are rounded wings with stiff, downcurved pnmanes and, in flight, noisy, rapid bursts of wi1~gbeats. interrupted by glides.

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