By Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, Trinley Norbu Rinpoche


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The second is the subtle recitation practice, with the vajra recitation. The third is the regular recitation of the mantra. The rough practice is done first. When you need relief from that, you do the subtle prac58 tice with the vajra recitation. When you start to become sleepy or dull, move to the third, the ac· tual mantra recitation. As before, you have the two beings, damtsig sempa and yeshe sempa, united. In the heart of the yeshe sempa, the pri· mordial wisdom being is the syllable of life, which is called the meditative absorption being.

In that physical, verbal and mental awareness, you actually recite the mantra. Whether you recite the SixSyllable or the One Hundred-Syllable, it doesn't matter. According to the real tradition, which is not the way Americans think it is, the commentary is given to a student and then the disciple is meant to practice. After that, they return for more commentary. In ngtindro practice, the student does 100,000 of the practice. In this practice the sign of accomplishment is 100,000 for each syllable, or a total of 600,000 of the short mantra.

They are just signs arising because of the experience. When you have these experiences, it is important to relate them to the Lama. If you have a &iend that has done the practice, it is useful to speak to him or her. In Tibet, people could refer to the texts to clarify their experiences. However, you can't always rely on these sources as every being is going to have different experiences, which is why it is important to relate to the Lama. We each will have our own unique experiences because of our different scopes of awareness.

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