By John C. Avise

Conceptual Breakthroughs in Evolutionary Genetics is a pithy, vigorous booklet occupying a different niche-the conceptual heritage of evolutionary genetics- no longer inhabited by means of the other on hand remedy. Written by way of a world-leading authority in evolutionary genetics, this paintings encapsulates and ranks 70 of the main major paradigm shifts in evolutionary biology and genetics through the century-and-a-half considering that Darwin and Mendel. The technological know-how of evolutionary genetics is important to all of biology, yet many scholars and different practitioners have little wisdom of its old roots and conceptual advancements. This ebook fills that wisdom hole in a thought-provoking and readable structure.

This attention-grabbing chronological trip alongside the numerous conceptual pathways to our glossy knowing of evolutionary and genetic ideas is an excellent springboard for discussions in undergraduate or graduate seminars in evolutionary biology and genetics. yet greater than that, an individual drawn to the historical past and philosophy of technological know-how will locate a lot of worth among its covers.

  • Provides a relative score of 70 seminal breakthroughs and paradigm shifts within the box of evolutionary biology and genetics
  • Modular structure allows prepared entry to every defined subject
  • Historical assessment of a box whose strategies are relevant to all of biology and correct to a huge viewers of biologists, technological know-how historians, and philosophers of science
  • Extensively cross-referenced with a consultant to landmark papers and books for every topic

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