By John M. Owen

How should still the Western global at the present time reply to the demanding situations of political Islam? Taking an unique method of solution this question, Confronting Political Islam compares Islamism’s fight with secularism to different lengthy ideological clashes in Western heritage. through analyzing the earlier conflicts that experience torn Europe and the Americas—and how they've been supported via underground networks, fomented radicalism and revolution, and brought on international interventions and overseas conflicts—John Owen attracts six significant classes to illustrate that a lot of what we predict approximately political Islam is wrong.

Owen makes a speciality of the origins and dynamics of twentieth-century struggles between Communism, Fascism, and liberal democracy; the overdue eighteenth- and nineteenth-century contests among monarchism and republicanism; and the 16th- and seventeenth-century wars of faith among Catholics, Lutherans, Calvinists, and others. Owen then applies rules realized from the successes and error of governments in the course of those conflicts to the modern debates embroiling the center East. He concludes that ideological struggles last more than most folk presume; ideologies will not be monolithic; overseas interventions are the norm; a country could be either rational and ideological; an ideology wins while states that exemplify it outperform different states throughout a number of measures; and the ideology that wins could be a surprise.

Looking on the heritage of the Western global itself and the fraught questions over how societies might be ordered, Confronting Political Islam upends a few of the traditional knowledge in regards to the present upheavals within the Muslim global.

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The larger point is this: just when a religious settlement emerged in one time and place, and it seemed that Western Europe had returned to more normal, less ideological times, religious polarization would happen elsewhere and make clear that normal times were still a long way off. The Protestant Reformation was not finished, and hence neither was the Catholic Counter-­ Reformation. A few violent decades later, at the end of the sixteenth century, it again appeared that the so-­called wars of religion were over.

Leftists from Europe and the Americas—Fabians from Britain, Socialists from France, labor activists from the United States—began to visit the Soviet Union to see for themselves. They saw only what the Soviet Communist Party wanted them to see. In an ironic twist to the old tsarist Potemkin villages, the Bolsheviks took Western visitors on whitewashed tours of factories and collective farms. The Westerners badly needed to believe that communism worked, and so were satisfied to trust their hosts and not to investigate matters for themselves.

The 2009 report notes that one in five Arabs lives on less than two dollars per diem. ”38 Muslims living in Western Europe are less likely to be employed and have less wealth than are native Europeans. 39 A second version of the deprivation thesis is that Muslims lack personal security. In the Middle East and Southwest Asia, most governments have been authoritarian in one form or another since gaining independence from the Europeans or Turks. Islamist regimes in Saudi Arabia and Iran, and secularist regimes in Egypt and Syria, have suppressed individual liberty.

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