By Jerry Kroth, Jerome A Kroth

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The bullet that hit him in the head disintegrated completely. We saw nearly forty fragments throughout the right cerebral hemisphere and embedded in the interior of the skull. A lot of them were no bigger than the point of a pen, and the largest was about the size of the nail on your little finger. 5-millimeter ammunition manufactured by East Alton Illinois-based Western Cartridge Co. 68. , p. 49 & p. 64. 42 Chapter 3. Reasonable Doubt Ballistics/Autopsy Inconsistencies There is a further problem in reconciling the ballistics evidence with official autopsy evidence.

As I said, the evidence is there for anyone to examine. ” Indeed, some evidence has not been made public as late as thirty-eight years after the event. ” He denied that he used it, under oath; but subsequently he was exposed by a tape recording of an interview he had held months earlier where he is heard saying the “n word” numerous times. This apparent perjury convinced the jury that if he was willing to lie under oath about the “n” word, perhaps he was also willing to lie under oath about the bloody glove; and thus “reasonable doubt” existed.

Lee. Note: As if to underscore the synchronicity of these two figures, it might be useful to emphasize that Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, was married. 219;Compendium of Coincidence, (Time, August 27, 1964), p. 19. , Facts and Fun about the Presidents (New York: Scholastic, 1987); Fortean Times, (John Brown Publishing, 1994), p. 32; Hanchett, William, The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies, (Chicago: Univ. of Illinois Press, 1983). This type of coincidence or correspondence can be fun, and can be drawn out further and further.

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