By Jerry Kroth

At the fortieth anniversary of 1 of crucial occasions in American background comes Conspiracy in Camelot: the whole historical past of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a stunning, information-packed quantity from New York's Algora Publishers. Conspiracy in Camelot is a thoroughgoing research of the main proper proof exposed and published by means of the govt. over the past forty years, and a presentation of the main believable conspiracy theories.From the canopy as much as Mafia murders, fingerprints to dictabelt recordings, a mountain of proof is built-in right into a finished viewpoint at the assassination. Out of a box of nine confessed assassins within the literature, Professor Kroth conducts 5 interviews with the top grassy knoll suspect, James documents. Marilyn Monroe's sexual liaisons with the Kennedy brothers, JFK's 33 mistresses within the White apartment, and J. Edgar Hoover's homosexuality and paranoia underscore the shadowy mental underbelly of 1 of history's maximum detective tales. attaining past the felony size, the textual content additionally seems to be on the deep and mysterious symbolism of this mythic story, from the brilliant array of synchronicities among Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln to the uncanny symbolic linkage the tale has to King Arthur and Camelot.

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Few people know anyone named Brutus. If one uses a dream-interpretation approach, and follows out these associations, sometimes we are very surprised indeed. John Wilkes Booth was an esteemed actor, but he had two brothers, one of whom was named Junius Brutus Booth. Indeed John Wilkes Booth and his brother played together in a memorable performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in March 1865. Junius Brutus Booth did not change his name to make it more theatrical, nor did he adopt "Brutus" as a name because he was about to play the role in Julius Caesar.

6 70. , p. 207 43 Conspiracy in Camelot The best evidence that a shot came from in front of the President (from the grassy knoll) comes from the HSCA inquiries held in the late 1970s. JFK archivist Mary Farrel, of Dallas, gave to HSCA Chief Counsel Blakey an audiotape made from a motorcycle patrolman’s Dictabelt. Farrel was uncertain what the recording might prove, since its quality was so poor, but she hoped a well-equipped acoustics laboratory might make more sense out of the recording. The HSCA sought recommendations from the Acoustical Society of America and selected the firm of Bolt, Beranek and Newman to analyze the recording.

Oswald, as mentioned in the prior chapter, said that someone had pasted his face on to the photograph and that it was a fake. 34 Chapter 3. Reasonable Doubt Marina Oswald thus represents a highly important witness for the prosecution, but her testimony is dismaying. Her “recollection” of events has been documented as faulty to the extreme. For example, she said to the Warren Commission that she and Lee arrived in the United States by airplane. Clearly, she must remember the first day 53. , p. 56.

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