By Esther Woolfson

Ever because her daughter rescued a fledgling rook years in the past, Esther Woolfson has been fascinated by corvids, the fowl crew that comes with crows, rooks, magpies, and ravens. this present day, the rook, named poultry, is a member of the Woolfson family members, besides a conversing magpie named Spike, a child crow named Ziki, a starling, a parrot, and others. From their complicated bathing rituals to their springtime broodiness and tendency to cache foodstuff within the impossible areas, those corvids proportion a bond with people that one may possibly by no means have imagined ahead of examining this book.
Letting her event communicate for itself, Woolfson likens the fears and foibles of corvids to these of people, making an allowance for the technology of poultry intelligence, evolution, tune, and flight. She highlights their substantial personalities and potential for affection: chook hates pcs and machines, whereas she loves night neck scratches on Woolfson’s knee. it really is via this intimate lens that Woolfson invitations us to think again the type of creature able to being man’s ally.

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