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Therefore the Lottery has encouraged people to think of gambling as a solution to their financial problems. The material which surrounds this argument is no more than background information (other countries and the date of the National Lottery's introduction) and a claim that winning money does not guarantee happiness. DECIDING WHAT CONCLUSION CAN BE DRAWN In most of the arguments that you'll be using or looking at, the most that you'll be able to conclude is that something is probably rather than certainly true.

30 Analysing Simple Arguments R1 R1 R1 (2) In this argument, the conclusion appears first, followed by two reasons which support it independently. Rl: Marital breakdown is a difficult enough time without separating couples having to worry about a difficult divorce. R2: There is evidence that if the process of divorce is difficult, then a great deal more bitterness and anger is produced than if the process had been easier. C: Divorce should be made easier rather than more difficult. R1 R1 R1 (3) This argument has three reasons which work together to support the conclusion.

36 Analysing Simple Arguments Therefore more people are addicted to gambling than before. In this second example, the author sees the significance of the evidence in the same way as in the first, but goes further in the conclusion. It is a conclusion that requires the evidence to do quite a lot of work, in that it is quite a jump from the evidence. A third example, however, sees the significance of the evidence very differently. Drawing another different conclusion Following the introduction of the National Lottery, the amount spent on gambling in the UK has gone up.

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