By Bernard L. Horecker, Earl R. Stadtman

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This phosphate ester of ribose is an obligatory reactant in the formation of precursors of nucleotides and in the conversion of bases to the corresponding nucleotides. A. Control of 5'-Phosphoribosyl Pyrophosphate (PRPP) Synthetase Switzer (435) reported that ADP, CTP, GTP and UTP, and also tryptophan, were inhibitors of P R P P synthetase from Salmonella typhimurium. 24 B. D. SANWAL, M. KAPOOR, AND H. DUCKWORTH Neither histidine nor NAD inhibited, although these compounds are synthesized by routes requiring PRPP.

Wyngaarden and Ashton first reported inhibition of pigeon liver amidotransferase by AMP and GMP in 1959 (490) ; a more detailed account of the effects, using essentially pure enzyme, appeared in 1964 (79). umber of nucleotides were tested for inhibition. The strongest of the naturally occurring inhibitors were AMP, ADP, ATP, GMP, GDP, and IMP. All the inhibitors were competitive with P R P P and noncompetitive with glutamine. In earlier studies of the enzyme amounts of inhibition obtained under given conditions were highly variable between preparations, and between samples of the same preparation at different stages of purity (79, 292).

Coli {259), Ehrlich ascites cells (183), and bird liver (861). Caution must be used in interpreting these reports, since one early demonstration of such an activity was later shown to be artifactual (329). The bird liver system, however, seems convincing: saturation kinetics were shown with both substrates, and the activity was destroyed slowly by heat and inhibited somewhat by AMP and GMP (361 ) . The amount of activity extractable from the liver was almost comparable to the activity of P R P P amidotransferase (361).

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