By Paul A. Rees

This dictionary is meant as a consultant to the terminology utilized in a variety of animal-related programmes of research together with agriculture, animal care, animal administration, animal creation, animal welfare, veterinary nursing, flora and fauna conservation and zoo biology. In overall it includes over 5,300 entries. It contains a variety of phrases utilized in the fields of veterinary technological know-how, physiology and zoology, as scholars whose basic pursuits are animal welfare or zoo biology additionally have to have a few figuring out of ailment, how animal our bodies functionality and the way animals are categorized. It additionally includes a few criminal phrases, and connection with a few felony situations, to aid scholars know the way the safety, use and conservation of animals is regulated by means of the legislation. a few humans, well-known animals, literature and movies have motivated the way in which we predict approximately, and behave in the direction of, animals. hence, the publication contains references to big books approximately animals, recognized animals who've starred in motion pictures or been the topic of clinical stories, besides brief biographies of recognized scientists and others who've studied animals or tested conservation or animal welfare organisations. 

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Anovulatory The state of not ovulating. g. anoxic water; anoxic seizure. See also ANAEROBIC Anseriformes An order of birds: geese, swans, ducks, screamers. g. the biceps and triceps are antagonistic muscles because they have opposite effects on the movement of the forelimb; INSULIN and GLUCAGON are antagonistic hormones because they have opposite effects on glucose. Antarctic Relating to Antarctica: the continent which lies chiefly within the Antarctic Circle and is centred on the South Pole. Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978 (USA) A US law which provides for the conservation and protection of Antarctic flora and fauna.

The method has the advantage of allowing breeders to determine which animals breed and removes the need to transport males to females. It also allows semen to be collected from wild individuals to increase the G E N E P O O L S of captive populations in zoos. See also A RT I F I C I A L VAG I N A (AV), BA L A I DI R E C T I V E 1992, C AT H ­ ETER , E L E C T R O- E J A C U L AT O R , I N D U C E D O V U ­ LATO R , S E X- S O RT E D S E M E N artificial litter See L I T T E R (1) artificial milk See M I L K S U B S T I T U T E artificial selection Selection for particular hereditary traits during breeding controlled by humans.

See also G R OS S ASSIMILATION EFFICIENCY (GAE) assimilation efficiency See G R O S S A S S I M I L AT I O N EF F I C I E N C Y (GAE) assist hatch, manual pipping Artificially assisting a bird or reptile to hatch from its egg by breaking the egg surface. g. kiwis. assistance animal 1. An animal trained to help a human with a disability perform everyday tasks. 2. ’ See also ASSISTANCE DOG , GUIDE DOG , HEARING DOG , HELPER MONKEY assistance dog A dog trained to help a human with a disability. See also GUIDE DOG , HEARING DOG assisted reproductive technology (ART) The collective term for a number of methods used to improve the reproductive performance of animals including ARTIFICIAL EMBRYO TWINNING , ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION (AI), CLONING , EMBRYO TRANS­ FER (ET), IN -VITRO FERTILISATION , NUCLEAR TRANSFER .

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