By Astrid Zipfel

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Freedom of the press, a bibliocyclopedia: ten-year supplement (1967-1977)

During this complement to his now-standard Freedom of the clicking: An Annotated Bibli­ography McCoy has accrued and anno­tated a few 6,500 extra books, pamphlets, articles, motion pictures, files, and performs whatsoever concerned with censor­ship that have seemed on account that 1967. Dean McCoy has further additionally the made notice “bibliocyclopedia” to explain the scope of his efforts during this very important sector of highbrow freedom.

Self Presentation Skills

The publication may help you think that what arrangements you might want to make, how most sensible to get your message throughout and the way to prevent the various pitfalls in self presentation. you are going to lean the way to procedure humans, tips on how to seek advice from humans and the way to place ahead your standpoint. you can be inspired to review your personal physique language and to examine the picture you undertaking.

Prescription TV: Therapeutic Discourse in the Hospital and at Home

Tracing the background of tv as a healing equipment, pleasure V. Fuqua describes how TVs got here to make hospitals appear extra like domestic and, later, "medicalized" the fashionable domestic. She examines the creation of tv into the personal clinic room within the overdue Forties and Nineteen Fifties after which strikes ahead numerous many years to contemplate the direct-to-consumer prescription drug ads legalized in 1997.

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Die Suche nach sozialer Einbindung, Anerkennung und Identitat wird schwieriger in einer sich individualisierenden Welt. Aber diese neue Welt bietet auf semantischer Ebene auch eine Losung an. DasfreigesetzteWesen findet schlieBlich zu sich selbst, als ein unverwechselbares Individuum. Wir alle sind heute einzigartige Individuen, jedenfalls in unserem Selbstverstandnis. Es ist schwer, gegen diesen Konformismus der Einzigartigkeit anzugehen. Aber es gibt Beispiele. In dem Monty-Python-Film „Das Leben des Bryan" gibt es eine Szene, wo Bryan zu der Menge sagt: „Ihr seid alle unverwechselbare Individuen".

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