By W. Graf, J. Murphy, J. Dahl, C. Zamora-Munoz, M. J. Lopez-Rodriguez

This booklet sequence offers entire details on distribution and ecological personal tastes of eu freshwater organisms. the 1st quantity summarises the present wisdom on eu caddisflies (Trichoptera), in accordance with the overview of over 1,400 literature references. The distribution in the ecu ecoregions (including Turkey and the Caucasian area) is given for 1,426 ecu Trichoptera species and subspecies, classified into 136 genera and 23 households. a large choice of ecological personal tastes is gifted as numerical codes, together with feeding kinds, habitat and present personal tastes, temperature and altitude personal tastes, existence length and flight classes, and the reaction to environmental pressure. The compilation is a different instrument for analysing freshwater biota, either for uncomplicated and utilized reasons equivalent to environment tracking and the implementation of ecu directives within the box of environmental safety.

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1 – Trichoptera Species Ernodes wolfgangjoosti MEY, 2004 BRACHYCENTRIDAE Brachycentrus maculatus (FOURCROY, 1785) Brachycentrus montanus KLAPÁLEK, 1892 Brachycentrus subnubilus CURTIS, 1834 Micrasema anatolicum BOTOSANEANU, 1974 Micrasema bifoliatum MARTYNOV, 1925 Micrasema cenerentola SCHMID, 1952 Micrasema cinereum MOSELY, 1930 Micrasema gelidum McLACHLAN, 1876 Micrasema longulum McLACHLAN, 1876 Micrasema mencilis SIPAHILER, 1995 Micrasema minimum McLACHLAN, 1876 Micrasema moestum (HAGEN, 1868) Micrasema morosum (McLACHLAN, 1868) Micrasema nigrum BRAUER, 1857 Micrasema salardum SCHMID, 1952 Micrasema sericeum KLAPÁLEK, 1902 Micrasema servatum NAVÁS, 1918 Micrasema setiferum dolcinii BOTOSANEANU & MORETTI, 1986 Micrasema setiferum setiferum (PICTET, 1834) Micrasema togatum (HAGEN, 1864) Micrasema vestitum NAVÁS, 1918 CALAMOCERATIDAE Calamoceras illiesi MALICKY & KUMANSKI, 1974 Calamoceras marsupus BRAUER, 1865 ECNOMIDAE Ecnomus deceptor McLACHLAN, 1884 Ecnomus gedrosicus SCHMID, 1959 Ecnomus kurui SIPAHILER, 1989 Ecnomus tenellus (RAMBUR, 1842) GLOSSOSOMATIDAE Agapetus adejensis ENDERLEIN, 1929 Agapetus altineri SIPAHILER, 1989 Agapetus belareca BOTOSANEANU, 1957 Agapetus caucasicus MARTYNOV, 1913 Agapetus cravensis GIUDICELLI, 1973 Agapetus cyrnensis MOSELY, 1930 Agapetus delicatulus McLACHLAN, 1884 Agapetus episkopi MALICKY, 1972 Agapetus fuscipes CURTIS, 1834 Agapetus hadimensis SIPAHILER, 1996 Agapetus incertulus McLACHLAN, 1884 Ecological parameters – Species inventory 35 Species Agapetus karabagi CAKIN, 1983 Agapetus laniger (PICTET, 1843) Agapetus lepetimnos MALICKY, 1976 Agapetus nimbulus McLACHLAN, 1879 Agapetus ochripes CURTIS, 1834 Agapetus quadratus MOSELY, 1930 Agapetus rectigonopoda BOTOSANEANU, 1957 Agapetus segovicus SCHMID, 1952 Agapetus selgensis SIPAHILER, 2005 Agapetus theischingeri MALICKY, 1980 Agapetus truncatus MARTYNOV, 1913 Catagapetus maclachlani MALICKY, 1975 Catagapetus nigrans McLACHLAN, 1884 Glossosoma baclava MALICKY, 1972 Glossosoma bifidum McLACHLAN, 1879 Glossosoma boltoni CURTIS, 1834 Glossosoma bunae MARINKOVIC, 1988 Glossosoma capitatum MARTYNOV, 1913 Glossosoma conformis NEBOISS, 1963 Glossosoma develi MALICKY, 1972 Glossosoma discophorum KLAPÁLEK, 1902 Glossosoma intermedium KLAPÁLEK, 1892 Glossosoma kirke MALICKY, 2003 Glossosoma klotho MALICKY, 2003 Glossosoma melikertes MALICKY, 2003 Glossosoma neretvae MARINKOVIC, 1988 Glossosoma nylanderi McLACHLAN, 1879 Glossosoma privatum McLACHLAN, 1884 Glossosoma serravalle MALICKY & GRAF, 2004 Glossosoma spoliatum McLACHLAN, 1879 Glossosoma tunceliensis SIPAHILER, 1987 Glossosoma unguiculatum MARTYNOV, 1925 Glossosoma yigilca SIPAHILER, 1996 Synagapetus anatolicus CAKIN, 1983 Synagapetus armatus McLACHLAN, 1879 Synagapetus arvernensis MALICKY, 1980 Synagapetus basagureni GONZALEZ & BOTOSANEANU, 1995 Synagapetus birgi SIPAHILER, 1989 Synagapetus clio MALICKY, 1976 Synagapetus diversus McLACHLAN, 1884 Synagapetus dubitans McLACHLAN, 1879 Synagapetus gorgitensis SIPAHILER, 1996 Synagapetus hellenorum (MALICKY, 1984) 36 DEPEFO Vol.

2006, Graf & SchmidtKloiber 2008). Species inventory 31 Ecoregional distribution 67 Endemism 117 Stream zonation preference 139 Altitude preference and altitude preference (WFD) 163 Microhabitat/substrate preference and habitat specialist 191 Hydrologic preference 221 Current preference 229 Temperature preference and temperature range preference 255 pH preference 267 Salinity preference 273 Feeding type 279 Respiration 291 Resistance/resilience to droughts 323 Life duration 329 Emergence/flight period and duration of emergence period 335 Reproductive life cycles per year 355 References to the ecological parameters 361 Ecological parameters 29 This page intentionally left blank 30 DEPEFO Vol.

1 – Trichoptera Species Plectrocnemia kisbelai BOTOSANEANU, 1967 Plectrocnemia kydon MALICKY, 1975 Plectrocnemia laetabilis McLACHLAN, 1880 Plectrocnemia latissima MARTYNOV, 1913 Plectrocnemia limosa VAILLANT, 1967 Plectrocnemia minima KLAPÁLEK, 1899 Plectrocnemia mojkovacensis MALICKY, 1982 Plectrocnemia praestans McLACHLAN, 1884 Plectrocnemia renetta MALICKY, 1975 Plectrocnemia rizeiensis SIPAHILER, 1987 Plectrocnemia scruposa McLACHLAN, 1880 Plectrocnemia smiljae MARINKOVIC, 1966 Polycentropus armeniacus MARTYNOV, 1934 Polycentropus cianficconiae DE PIETRO, 2000 Polycentropus corniger McLACHLAN, 1884 Polycentropus corsicus MOSELY, 1931 Polycentropus devetaki KRUSNIK & MALICKY, 1992 Polycentropus divergens MOSELY, 1930 Polycentropus excisus KLAPÁLEK, 1894 Polycentropus flavomaculatus auriculatus MARTYNOV, 1926 Polycentropus flavomaculatus flavomaculatus (PICTET, 1834) Polycentropus flavomaculatus hebraeus BOTOSANEANU & GASITH, 1971 Polycentropus flavostictus HAGEN, 1856 Polycentropus francavillensis MALICKY, 1981 Polycentropus ichnusa MALICKY, 1974 Polycentropus ierapetra adana SIPAHILER, 1996 Polycentropus ierapetra anatolica SIPAHILER, 1989 Polycentropus ierapetra dirfis MALICKY, 1974 Polycentropus ierapetra ierapetra MALICKY, 1972 Polycentropus ierapetra ikaria MALICKY, 1974 Polycentropus ierapetra isparta SIPAHILER, 1996 Polycentropus ierapetra kalliope MALICKY, 1976 Polycentropus ierapetra septentrionalis KUMANSKI, 1986 Polycentropus ierapetra slovenica MALICKY, 1998 Polycentropus intricatus MORTON, 1910 Polycentropus irroratus CURTIS, 1835 Polycentropus kingi McLACHLAN, 1881 Polycentropus malickyi MORETTI, 1981 Polycentropus mazdakus SCHMID, 1959 Polycentropus milikuri MALICKY, 1975 Polycentropus morettii MALICKY, 1977 Polycentropus mortoni MOSELY, 1930 Polycentropus pirisinui MORETTI, 1981 Ecological parameters – Species inventory 59 Species Polycentropus radaukles MALICKY, 1977 Polycentropus schmidi NOVAK & BOTOSANEANU, 1965 Polycentropus segregatus MEY & JOOST, 1982 Polycentropus telifer McLACHLAN, 1884 Polycentropus tenerifensis MALICKY, 1999 Polycentropus terrai MALICKY, 1980 Polycentropus yuecelcaglari SIPAHILER, 1999 Pseudoneureclipsis graograman MALICKY, 1987 Pseudoneureclipsis gudulensis CAKIN, 1983 Pseudoneureclipsis lusitanicus MALICKY, 1980 PSYCHOMYIIDAE Lype auripilis McLACHLAN, 1884 Lype phaeopa (STEPHENS, 1836) Lype reducta (HAGEN, 1868) Paduniella uralensis MARTYNOV, 1914 Paduniella vandeli DECAMPS, 1965 Psychomyia ctenophora McLACHLAN, 1884 Psychomyia dadayensis SIPAHILER, 2006 Psychomyia fragilis (PICTET, 1834) Psychomyia klapaleki MALICKY, 1995 Psychomyia mengenensis SIPAHILER, 2006 Psychomyia pusilla (FABRICIUS, 1781) Tinodes adjarica MARTYNOV, 1913 Tinodes agaricinus MOSELY, 1930 Tinodes alepochori MALICKY, 1975 Tinodes algiricus algiricus McLACHLAN, 1880 Tinodes algiricus hispaniae BOTOSANEANU & DE JALÓN, 1987 Tinodes aligi MALICKY, 1972 Tinodes amtkela MEY & MÜLLER, 1979 Tinodes anemoessa MALICKY, 1984 Tinodes antonioi BOTOSANEANU & VIGANO, 1974 Tinodes apuanorum MORETTI, 1981 Tinodes aravil TERRA & GONZÁLEZ, 1992 Tinodes archilochos MALICKY, 1977 Tinodes arcuatus NYBOM, 1948 Tinodes aspoeckae MALICKY, 1975 Tinodes assimilis McLACHLAN, 1865 Tinodes baenai GONZÁLEZ & OTERO, 1984 Tinodes beysehirensis SIPAHILER, 1999 Tinodes braueri McLACHLAN, 1878 Tinodes bruttius MORETTI, 1981 Tinodes canariensis McLACHLAN, 1882 Tinodes caputaquae BOTOSANEANU & GASITH, 1971 60 DEPEFO Vol.

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