By Albert Jeltsch, Renata Z. Jurkowska

DNA methyltransferases are vital enzymes in a wide diversity of organisms. disorder of DNA methyltransferases in people ends up in many serious illnesses, together with melanoma. This ebook specializes in the biochemical houses of those enzymes, describing their constructions and mechanisms in micro organism, people and different species, together with crops, and likewise explains the organic techniques of analyzing of DNA methylation and DNA demethylation. It covers many rising features of the organic roles of DNA methylation functioning as a necessary epigenetic mark and describes the position of DNA methylation in illnesses. additionally, the publication explains sleek applied sciences, like special rewriting of DNA methylation via designed DNA methyltransferases, in addition to technological functions of DNA methyltransferases in DNA labelling. ultimately, the e-book summarizes contemporary tools for the research of DNA methylation in human DNA. total, this ebook represents a finished cutting-edge- paintings and is a must have for complicated researchers within the box of DNA methylation and epigenetics.

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