By Rosser W. Garrison, Natalia von von Ellenrieder, Jerry A. Louton

Dragonfly Genera of the hot World is a fantastically illustrated and complete consultant to the taxonomy and ecology of dragonflies in North, center, and South the United States. A reference of the best quality, this booklet unearths the outstanding attractiveness and complexity of this diversified order.

Although Odonata—dragonflies and damselflies—are one of the such a lot studied teams of bugs, earlier there was no trustworthy capacity to spot the recent global genera of both workforce. This quantity presents totally illustrated and up to date keys for all dragonfly genera with descriptive textual content for every genus, observed via distribution maps and 1,595 diagnostic illustrations, together with wing styles and features of the genitalia.

For entomologists, limnologists, and ecologists, Dragonfly Genera of the recent World is an necessary source for box identity and laboratory research.

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Habitat: O ccurring at almost any body of water. In boreal America, Aeshna is the predominant dragonfly of bogs, marshes and rivers, where it can be very abundant. Information on its biology can be found in Walker (1912), Lincoln (1940), Cannings (1982a), and Peters (1998). References: Walker, 1912; Needham, Westfall, and 193 ventro-lateral May, 2000 (United States and Canada). Distribution: Mainly holarctic; in the New World view from Canada and United States to NW Mexico. Medium to large aeshnids (55–79 mm); black T-spot on frons; pair of pale lateral thoracic stripes; mosaic pattern of pale spots on abdomen.

Key to males 1. FW costal area with 7 reddish spots, subtriangle with 2–3 cells (Fig. 67); dorsum of pterothorax with coarse tubercles, pterothorax with 3 lateral whitish spots (Fig. 69); auricles about as long (A) as wide (B) (Fig. 71) ................................ Hypopetalia (Page 20) 67 FW – Hypopetalia pestilens 69 pterothorax – Hypopetalia pestilens lateral view 1’. FW costal area with 5–6 reddish spots, subtriangle with 1 cell (Fig. 68); dorsum of pterothorax smooth, pterothorax with dorsal and lateral yellowish stripes (Fig.

Habitat: Shady woodland ponds, swamps, temporary pools and slow streams (Dunkle, 2000). 246 female head – Epiaeschna heros Map 15. Distribution of Epiaeschna sp.

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