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In normal operation, the pawl is withheld from the ratchet by a channel ring. When using the hand drive lever, the channel ring is slid to the outside, permitting the pawl to engage the ratchet. NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE PAWL BE CARRIED IN THE CHANNEL RING DURING NORMAL OPERATION. (c) When properly adjusted for normal operation the hand drive lever is free to move up and down without effect on the main shaft. If improperly adjusted, normal operation will needlessly wear out the pawl and ratchet, produce excessive noise and, of prime importance, be a potential source of damage to the machine.

313. EXAMPLE. (a) The following example illustrates the appearance of a message enciphered in this manner. It is based on the sample Key Setting shown in paragraph 303(c). JOROM is assumed to be the CONFIDENTIAL External Indicator. 314. CHECK DECIPHERMENT. (a) As a check on accuracy, an enciphered message shall be check-deciphered prior to transmission, preferably by another coding officer, and if possible, on a second machine using a different set of Code Wheels. In an emergency the check-decipherment may be deferred until after transmission, but should be completed as soon as possible.

The deciphering activity should report, as opportunity affords, to the enciphering activity with information to the Chief of Naval Operations any message so deciphered. (f) The deciphering activity must not relay the cipher text of a message enciphered in the above manner, but should re-encipher the message. Prior to re-encipherment, the order of sentences should be changed. Different indicators and Date-Time Group should be used, and other standard re-encipherment practices followed to prevent linkage with the original message.

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