By Mott N.F., Gurney R.W.

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A) Mark DRT "bug" position on the top plotting surface. (b) Disengage the scale setting clutch and move DRT "bug" 6-8 inches in a 090 direction and plot new "bug" position. (c) Position the protractor arm along the two points and adjust the bearing indicator of the protractor so that the 090-270 true bearing line is indicated. (d) if desired, orientation to the 000-180 line may be accomplished in a similar manner. (e) A somewhat less accurate orientation can be effected by positioning the protractor along the front edge of the table and adjusting the indicator in a 090-270 direction.

If the Approach 5-2 CONFIDENTIAL SLM 1 Officer knows or can estimate the masthead height of the target in feet the number of horizontal divisions covered by the ship between its water line and masthead will be a measure of the range of the target. In the figure the target subtends 5 divisions in high power and 1 1/4 divisions in low power. It would obviously be impracticable to convert this value of angle to range at each periscope observation. The obvious solution is some form of precomputed graph or scale.

Direction, amount and tendency of gyro angles. 10. Torpedo run. 11. Target course and speed. 12. Critical range. 13. Problem time, 14. Time since last zig. 15. Time since last observation, 16. Range rate. 17. Bearing rate. (k) Masthead Height Check The TDC Operator should announce the generated range when the Approach Officer orders STANDBY FOR MASTHEAD HEIGHT CHECK. See chapter 5, Approach Officer, Masthead Height. htm (44 of 110)7/19/2006 15:24:06 Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual 1. See chapter 7, Firing Methods, 2.

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