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Astronomers have dubbed it Xena. 1 Xena is about 9 billion miles from the Sun. ) Its diameter is about 4200 miles. Its surface temperature has been estimated at Ϫ400ЊF, and it takes 560 years to circle the Sun. How does Xena compare to the other planets? Let’s look at the statistics. 2 687 4,331 10,747 30,589 59,800 90,588 333 867 59 Ϫ85 Ϫ166 Ϫ220 Ϫ320 Ϫ330 Ϫ375 0 0 1 2 63 47 27 13 1 Source: NASA. 1 Some astronomers no longer consider Pluto a planet. With these statistics, we can make some comparisons.

Here, the statistician tries to make inferences from samples to populations. , the chance of an event occurring. You may be familiar with the concepts of probability through various forms of gambling. If you play cards, dice, bingo, or lotteries, you win or lose according to the laws of probability. Probability theory is also used in the insurance industry and other areas. It is important to distinguish between a sample and a population. A population consists of all subjects (human or otherwise) that are being studied.

Unusual Stat Twenty-nine percent of Americans want their boss’s job. lung cancer in this group of volunteers was 10 times as great for smokers as for nonsmokers. Finally, by studying past and present data and conditions, statisticians try to make predictions based on this information. For example, a car dealer may look at past sales records for a specific month to decide what types of automobiles and how many of each type to order for that month next year. Applying the Concepts 1–1 Attendance and Grades Read the following on attendance and grades, and answer the questions.

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