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The Qur'an is the first non secular textual content for one-sixth of the world's inhabitants. Understood via Muslims to comprise God's personal phrases, it's been an item of reverence and of extreme learn for hundreds of years. The hundreds of thousands of volumes that Muslim students have dedicated to qur'anic interpretation and to the linguistic, rhetorical and narrative research of the textual content are enough to create complete libraries of qur'anic experiences. Drawing upon a wealthy scholarly historical past, Brill's "Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an" combines alphabetically prepared articles concerning the contents of the Qur'an. it's an encyclopaedic dictionary of qur'anic phrases, suggestions, personalities, position names, cultural background and exegesis prolonged with essays at the most vital issues and topics inside of qur'anic experiences. The 5 volumes comprise approximately one thousand entries. The projected ebook date for quantity 4 is autumn 2004, and autumn 2005 for quantity 5.

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The tradition identifies the “fools” of this verse (see ignorance) with a delegation of Jews who came to Mu ammad claiming that following the true religion of Abraham means reverting to the qibla of Jerusalem (Ibn Is āq, Sīra, ii, 198-9). Another tradition makes it even clearer that both parties, Muslims and Jews, claimed to be holding the true religion of Abraham and accused each other of distorting it. The tradition says that in this context, q 5:68 was revealed. It tells the People of the Book that they follow no good until they keep the Torah and the gospel (Ibn Is āq, Sīra, ii, 217).

In q 59:11-12, the expulsion of the unbelieving People of the Book is mentioned yet again, this time with reference to the hypocrites (munāfiqūn), who have not kept their promise to help the People of the Book. A similar pattern of military defeat recurs in q 33:26-7, which says that God has brought down the People of the Book from their fortresses and cast fear into their hearts (see heart). The believers have slain some of them and taken others captive (see captives). God bequeathed upon the believers their lands and possessions (see booty; expeditions and battles).

Ibn Is āq’s compilation served as a model to later historiographers who quoted large portions of his accounts. His compilation contains numerous allusions to qur ānic verses about the Jews. ). These tribes based their military power on fortresses built of stone, within which they lived, and thanks to which they retained predominance over their Arab neighbors. ) following the Babylonian and the Roman conquests of that area. ), but other traditions trace their origins to certain ancient Arab clans who are said to have converted to Judaism (see tribes and clans).

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