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Take the example of the power bar. The projectivist can say that not eating the power bar is intelligible even though it goes against my all-things-considered judgement, because I judge that power bars taste bad. Of course my judgement that power bars taste bad should lose out against my all-things-considered judgement that it would be good if I gained weight – that is, it should not be action-guiding. But that does not mean that it cannot be actionguiding, and it does not mean that if it is action-guiding, it will not confer intelligibility onto the action it motivated.

The problem is that response-dependent accounts of the kind McDowell has in mind are prone to relativism. 2, is that of rigidification. Whilst this might work well for colours, Peter Railton argues that this does not work so well for values. I will introduce Railton’s criticism, argue with Brad Thompson that Railton’s criticism is itself problematic, but then go on to demonstrate that a similar argument from Dan López de Sa shows that a rigidified response-dependent account of values is undesirable, because it entails externalism.

I will discuss one major difficulty in the following two sections: (C), and by analogy (V), face the problem of relativism. To solve this problem, two strategies can be employed. The first strategy, which is the one I will discuss in the next section, is that of rigidification. Whilst this seems a legitimate and successful move in order to save (C) from relativism, it looks to be a more problematic move in order to save (V) from relativism. I will show two difficulties that a rigidified account of (V) faces, and that make it an undesirable account of values.

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