By Bernard Marcus

The functionality of medical examine is selling the knowledge of the area round us. In thought, besides, the extra we research, the extra capability we now have of constructing our lives higher. hence, we've seen examine in electronics supply us with pcs, learn in chemistry supply us with all demeanour of synthetics, and study in agriculture offer us with extra foodstuff. Periodically, medical study uncovers anything that makes a few of us uncomfortable. the invention of the hyperlink among smoking and lung melanoma and center sickness was once now not got good through the tobacco undefined, and the hyperlink among worldwide weather switch and fossil gasoline use has now not been good got by way of the petroleum undefined, to quote simply examples. often the reaction of these whose international has been disrupted by means of technology is denial, usually through assault on or ridicule of the technology that has challenged them. within the long-term, notwithstanding, technological know-how often seems to be correct.

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Darwin predicted that a moth with a proboscis long enough to probe the orchid’s nectar and to pollinate the orchid existed. He never saw it, but 50 years or so later, it was discovered. Evolution also explains much in biology that would otherwise appear to be total chaos. Writing in The American Biology Teacher 2 years before his death in 1975, geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky, most recently of Rockefeller University, stated, ‘‘Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution’’. Given all that has been learned in the past 30 years, the statement is even more correct now than it was when Dobzhansky wrote it.

Since then the atom has been put to more constructive use. It is commonly used today to generate electricity and to drive battleships. Nobody doubts the existence of the atom, and scientists work with them and with subatomic particles all the time. But to date, nobody has seen an atom, and scientists still speak routinely about the atomic theory. The word theory is by no means precisely defined. In informal conversation, it is often used to describe any idea, whether based on fact or otherwise.

The elucidation of functions of the thymus and the appendix does not refute that the organs in humans are vestiges of what they are in other animals and early in life, respectively, and there are other vestigial structures that continue to be functionless, from genes on up. University of Wisconsin biologist Sean B. Carroll tells the story of the Antarctic icefish, a bottom-dwelling fish that lives in the super-cold waters of the Antarctic Ocean and, among other odd characteristics, has white blood.

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