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While the main interior of the nasal cavities is reddish, the color of the tissue of the olfactory region is yellow. In a n adult, the total area in each of 44 3. OLFACTION FIG. 3 Schematic representation of olfactory mucosa showing olfactory receptor rods and sustentacular cells based on electron microscope studies. ] ANATOMY 45 2 the two nasal chambers is about 1 i n . This tissue, called the olfactory mucosa, has millions of receptor cells supported by sustentacular cells. A schematic drawing from a n electron micrograph is shown in Fig.

The role of unmyelinated nerve fibers in the taste process, in "Oral Sensation and Perception" (J. F. ). Thomas, Springfield, Illinois. Kare, M. , and Maller, Ο. ) (1967). " Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, Maryland. , and Beidler, L. M. (1961). Microelectrode study of taste receptors of rat and hamster,/. Cell Comp. Physiol. 58, 131. , and Strätz, F. (1922). Does the taste of salt depend upon the tastes of the individual ions or upon the entire molecule? Arch. Exp. Path. Pharmak. 95, 241. Kitchell, R.

The cause of the deposit of the excess cholesterol in the arteries seems to be related to pathological lesions in the arterial walls. Recent studies on chickens have shown that if they are infected by a herpesvirus of fowl they will develop atherosclerosis whether they are fed a cholesterol-free or a cholesterol-supplemented diet, although those fed an excess of cholesterol develop larger and more numerous deposits. Pathogen-free chickens do not develop atherosclerosis on either diet [Chem. and Eng.

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