By Cassandra Eason

Eason offers an intensive review of the mythology, legends, and folklore surrounding brilliant and unusual fable creatures from diffferent lands and a long time, from chinese language dragons and the local North American thunderbird to the demon hounds of Celtic and Norse legend. She describes how in numerous a while and cultures humans have pointed out with the idealized traits of clever creatures as a resource of strength and higher figuring out in their personal personalities and used the habit of birds and different sacred creatures to realize oracular info in historic Egypt and the Classical and Celtic worlds.This booklet bargains either conventional and little identified folklore and legend approximately time-honored actual lifestyles creatures equivalent to the pony, the cat, and the raven and delves into the bizarre and lovely international of saints who claimed to alter into deer and smooth cryptozoological monsters corresponding to Bigfoot, Mothman, and lake and sea monsters, in addition to the reason at the back of animal or headed deities of the Aztecs, Egyptians, and Celts in whose identify humans went to struggle.

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Some jackals were tamed and became fierce guard dogs. Who more protective to Animal Worship 13 guard against hostile forces in this world and the next but Anubis, the black jackal-headed god? Anubis, the alter ego of Horus the Sky god and whose father, Osiris, he shared with Horus, guided the deceased through the underworld, having embalmed and prepared their bodies as he did for his murdered father. Black and gold statues of Anubis as a jackal were set to guard the tombs of kings and queens and the wealthy from grave robbers.

Some animal and bird mummies received special treatment. It may be that this particular creature was one who had demonstrated special signs of being possessed by the divinity. The animal mummies were buried in bronze or even gold boxes which carried the animals’ images on them. For example, in the case of a cat which was believed to house the life of the Ka of Bastet the cat-headed goddess, the mummy was adorned with jewelry such as the ankh, a scarab, and gold earrings. The image of the totem deity appears on the coffin.

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