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Units) where 9 is the acceleration due to gravity. 37 Reduction of Low Level Pollution Ko /K r the ratio of the initial circulation in the ring to that which it would have had if the buoyant fluid had been released from rest. A, the steady volumetric rate of smoke release. t, the time of storage of the gas Td/~ the ratio of the temperature difference between the hot gas and the surroundings, and the absolute temperature of the surroundings and G the lapse of temperature with height given . g ( y +dT -) G=- T, dZ where y is the adiabatic lapse rate.

17. Various forms of diode 4. Other Large Scale Fluidic Devices 32 vortex are V2 and P2 then: p, - p 2 or 2 = e. / 2g (V2 Since, for a frictionless vortex Vr radius of the flow, it follows that 2 - V, ) • =a constant, 2 where r is the 2 2 P,- P2= (V,/2g) (r, / r2 - 1) . If after passing through the outlet port all the kinetic energy is dissipated with no pressure recovery then the above expression gives the pressure drop across the diode. The result may be expressed in the fom of a loss coefficient 2 2 Kr = r 1 / r 2 - 1.

The jet of air from flow at o the pulse pipe also accelerates the flow at the top of the device in order to form the ring at "the outlet. In between ejection pulses the smoke switches back into the storage volume. After the ring has been formed it is necessary to stop the smoke from flowing out of the chimney since only a limited amount of smoke can be accomodated in a ring. At present the smoke is stopped either by using an air curtain or by use of a flap valve. It must be added here that the device is only in the experimental stage, but it is hoped that it will eventually be of use in reducing pollution.

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