By Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

'Death is the last word truth of life.' This lifestyles in the world is barely a transitory part with a view to paradise or hell, because the case may well be.

Islam because the entire code of lifestyles has a suite of entire directions for either the loss of life individual and for these round her or him who're charged with the sacred responsibility of appearing the final rites. because of non-Islamic affects, Muslims have drifted clear of the verified perform of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and his partners (may Allah be happy with them all). Many Muslims not recognize or perform the mandatory rites, and sometimes combine in un-Islamic practices with the funeral ritual.

Dr. Bilal Philips has written Funeral Rites in Islam in an effort to serve the desires of English-speaking Muslims, utilizing easy-to-understand causes and directions established strictly at the basic resources of Islam-the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

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1 A. Injunctions Concerning Washing 1 Washing the dead body prior to shrouding and burial is obligatory, according to numerous recorded instructions given by the Prophet (r). ” 2 This obligation is however considered Fard Kifaayah (a collective responsibility), if there is no one to claim the body. If someone performs the washing, the community is freed from the obligation, but if no one does it, the whole community is considered sinful. 2 As a general rule, males should take the responsibility of washing males, and females should wash females.

Carts which could have been used to transport the dead existed in the Prophet’s time, but he instructed his followers to walk and carry the bier with their own hands. 73-74. 74. 57 58 Collected by Ahmad, al-Bayhaqee and Ibn Hibbaan. 353. ”60 The Prophet (r) also warned his followers against imitating others by prophesying that future generations of Muslims would imitate the practises of other religious groups and customs of other nations. ” We asked: O Messenger of Allaah, [do you mean] the Jews and Christians?

19 The Martyr: In the case of the martyr (shaheed), his body should not be washed at all, but should be buried as it is. ٍ‫ﺡ‬‫ﺭ‬‫ ﻜﹸلﱠ ﺠ‬‫ ﻓﹶﺈِﻥ‬‫ﻡ‬‫ﻠﹸﻭﻫ‬‫ )) ﻻﹶ ﺘﹸﻐﹶﺴ‬: ٍ‫ﺩ‬‫ل ﻓِﻲ ﻗﹶﺘﹾﻠﹶﻰ ﺃُﺤ‬ َ ‫ ﻗﹶﺎ‬‫ ﺃَﻨﱠﻪ‬r ‫ﻥِ ﺍﻟﻨﱠﺒِﻲ‬‫ﺩِ ﺍﻟﻠﱠﻪِ ﻋ‬‫ﺒ‬‫ﻥِ ﻋ‬‫ﺎﺒِﺭِ ﺒ‬‫ ﺠ‬‫ﻥ‬‫ﻋ‬ . 20 B. Injunctions Concerning the Shroud (Kafn) 1 Shrouding the body is obligatory based on the commands of the Prophet (r) to do so. The body should be shrouded immediately after it is washed and dried. 3235. 32. 3235.

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