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In the interests of economy regenerative amplifiers are preferred to linear amplifiers for this purpose and will be discussed later. The general process of thus marking the instant of equality of two waveform amplitudes is called “amplitude comparison” and forms the basis of nearly all methods of precise range measurements. Another important use of amplitude comparison is revealed if the 150-volt supply to which RI is returned is replaced by a potential that varies relative to 150 volts in accordance with an input signal.

Input Impedance. -Feedback also influences the effective input impedance, but here the effect is very dependent on the method of applying the feedback, and a general result cannot be quoted. If the feedback is applied to the cathode of the first stage of the amplifier the potential el e2 A+ ~2 R v 4 +6 + = = Fm. —Block diagram indicating the uae of current feedback. lZi (Z,)df = — = (1 + A~)Zi e, — bez from Eq. (5). In this configuration :-:--2” 21 4! + “ both A and @ are positive. If A is negative (phase inverting amplifier), feedback is usually obtained by means of an adding network in the grid circuit (see Fig.

It follows that Je, the potential across RI is maintained as Ct charges, and a sensibly constant current flows into C z, givdiagram of “ boatFIG. -Block ing a linear rise of voltage at a and strap circuit. ” This is Fig. 13 with the ground connection moved to the amplifier c relative to ground. This circuit output lead. 7] THE USE OF OPERATIONAL NOTATION 37 A practical form of the circuit with a single stage amplifier is shown in Fig. 22a. The switch SI serves to introduce the effective unit function input by holding the circuit in the starting condition when it is closed.

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