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E. drawing) direction (see Fig. 5). The secondary phase particles in the creep tubes distribute more uniformly, as shown in Fig. 5(c), than in the as-extruded feedstock, but the banded structure can still be observed (see Fig. 6(c)). , annealing at 1200”C for 2 h) will be performed on small pieces of the 832665 and 832864 bars, and microstructural examinations on the treated materials will be conducted to determine whether the treatment will redissolve the secondary phase particles. -. —. . Iad@=----- Cr-l(u, oru-111~ A Ti-KII co —...

Iq A. Guha and C. H. McMahon, M. , Mater. Sci. Forum 207-209 and C. J. , Acts Metal]. Mater. , Acts Metall. Mater. 5 (1995) 1909. R. C. Muthiah, C. T. Liu and C. J. , Mater. Sci. and Eng. Philadelphia, PA (1 992). [18] C. H. Henager, Jr. and R. H. Jones, J. Am. Ceram. Sot. 77 [9] (1994) 2381. ,. -r ~---, . . . - (1996) ,,, ,. ,--— ,- . -. D. Chitwood AT LOW PRESSURES -- B. A. Pint, J. R. DiStefano, J. Bentley and (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) OBJECTIVE The objective oxygen designs of this task is to assess the high temperature pressure environments involve vanadium oxidation behavior of V-4Cr-4Ti and any related effect on mechanical alloys in high temperature properties.

Vol 35 (1 987) 643. and L. D. Chitwood, J. R. DiStefano M. Satou, H. Hasegawa C. O. Stevens 1476. J. of Nucl. Mater. 258-263 (1998) and K. Abe, J. of NUCL Mater. 258-263 (1998) Semiannual and M. L. GrossbecK Progress Report for Period J. of Nucl. Mater. 233-237 (1996) Mater. Sci. and Eng. A177 [11] C. A. Hippsley and J. H. DeVan, Acts Metall. Vol 37 (1989) 1485. [12] R. C. Muthiah, 585. [13] D. Bika and C. J. , Mater. Res. Sot. Symp. Proc. 238 (1992) 399. [14] D. Bika, J. A. 5 (1995) 1895. [15] D.

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