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Stephenson reported that the Germans were attempting to sabotage the British resupply effort and advocated creating a British intelligence entity in the US -later named 'British Security Coordination (BSC), 11 - which he returned to lead. BSC, Stephenson argued: should cover a considerably wider field than the collection of secret intelligence by the old and well-tried methods ... It should comprise everything that ... could not be done by overt means to assure sufficient aid for Britain, to counter the enemy's subversive plans throughout the Western Hemisphere and eventually to bring the US into the war.

The Middle East After tours of British facilities in Gibraltar and Malta, including discussions with the garrison and fleet commanders, Donovan spent a week in Cairo and the Westem Desert. There he met with General Archibald Wavell, who had defeated the Italians at Sidi Barrani. 96 He saw Air Chief Marshal Longmore and Generals Richard O'Connor and Henry Maitland Wilson, debriefed various other senior officers, toured Army intelligence establishments, and learned of commando operations. 97 On his return to the region via Cyprus and Palestine (5-23 February), Donovan met the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Field Marshal Sir John Dill, Planting the Seeds 15 vIsIting Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies, and Admiral Andrew Cunningham.

36 And in a note to Donovan dated 25 July 1940, an unidentified contact wrote: I understand you have already taken notes in Colonel Menzies' department and I am told by one of his people that you do not wish to take back with you any bulky information ... If however you do want anything further ... 37 That Broadway - as SIS was also known - gave a foreigner access to some of its most closely guarded secrets is remarkable, even with the blessing of so many in British government, given its traditional suspicious attitude and security concerns.

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