By David L. Pulver

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BIO-PSI 33 A conspiracy might even pass off the claims of psis who try to go public with their newfound capabilities as the hallucinations of those who abuse psychotropic drugs! Catalyst drugs assume that latency is both chemical and psychological in nature. They won’t be available if this isn’t true. If they do exist, they’re available in hypo form (takes effect in 30 seconds), inhaled form (takes a minute), and pill form (takes five minutes). $1,000/dose. LC2. The use of the Psychic Probe for anything but medical purposes is outlawed throughout the Galaxy.

Insanity beams, 27. Jammers, teleport, 31. Jump beacons, 31. Jump-vortex generators, 31.

Some such animals might be sacrificed in the experiments, while other may be kept for further study . . or escape or be rescued from the lab. A psi-enhanced animal would make an interesting Ally or (if smart enough) PC. Successful experiments could lead to such creatures becoming available as pets or working animals. For a more in-depth treatment of bioethics, see pp. 194202 of GURPS Bio-Tech. BIO-PSI 32 PSI-DRUGS AND Biochemical methods may be the easiest means of enhancing or suppressing psionic powers, if not necessarily the safest.

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