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2 I/ l i i / I 10 E[GeV] 15 21 n n B n n 1 0 Two effects approximately cancel each other for heavy quarks. 1 a. 35GeV L=5fmI ,I=Ifm 15 20 25 10 0 I 3 2 4 5 . 6 L Sml For 10 GeV heavy q~uarrk(e, b) jet, thickness dependence is closer to Kmear Bethe-Heitler like form L1. This is different than the E GeVl 102 Au+Au . 2 Y Before quenching . 4 6 i IO P I [GeVI 12 . 14 After quenching 58 .

I ' . " ' . . ' I ' ' ~ " . . Abs. ' -". 100 - . 50 NP,,t 200 Nm 250 300 350 400 [Grandchamp e t al 031 Suppression prevaIent effect color screening in QGP [Karsch, Mehr, Satz 881 suppression of higher bottomonia and feeddown to T with vacuum T masses: thermal suppression for T negligible magnitude of suppression sensitive t o color screening J/$: yield dominated by regeneration rate-equation approach t o evaluate T abundances Dissociation rates from quasi-free destruction process Suppression predominant effect a t RHlC (and LHC) At LHC: substantial fraction of total T yield due t o regeneration Color screening main microscopic mechanism for suppression 7' may be more suppressed than J/t$ intriguing new signature for QGP formation in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions!

These abundances are then adjusted by a heavy flavor fugacity factor to account for oversaturation due to the initial number of pairs. The second type also starts with this fixed number of pairs, and follows a time evolution of the system during which formation and dissociation of charmonium proceed via various mechanisms determined by the state of the system. The initial PHENIX measurement of RAA for J / @ as a function of centrality favors the inclusion of in-medium formation. The measurement of ( p ~ of~ the ) J / $ as a function of centrality, also appears to require substantial in-medium formation.

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