By Glenmore S. Trenear-Harvey

The ancient Dictionary of Air Intelligence relates the evolving heritage of air intelligence via an inventory of abbreviations and acronyms, a chronology, an introductory essay, and cross-referenced dictionary entries at the organizations and brokers, the operations and gear, and the tradecraft and jargon.

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As a result of this episode, the Abwehr was banned from conducting further similar operations and was obliged to rely on photographs taken from aircraft flown by Theodor Rowehl. See also LUFTWAFFE. ACE. The codename assigned a Soviet spy, an aeronautical engineer working in England in 1967, for the KGB’s Line X. Identified in 1992 by a defector, Vasili Mitrokhin, ACE had died some years earlier, but according to notes he had made while serving as one of the KGB’s archivists, he had been of exceptional value and had supplied documents filling 500 volumes, each containing 300 pages, related to aircraft and their power plants.

S. Army Air Force codename for a remotely controlled B-17 packed with 20,000 pounds of explosives that was intended to destroy Nazi strongpoints in France in August 1944. The first attempt took off from Fersfield, Norfolk, on 4 August, but crashed at Sudbourne Park in Suffolk before the crew of two could parachute to safety. S. Navy Liberator piloted by Lieutenant John Kennedy, exploded over Southwold and killed both crewmen aboard. All further APHRODITE missions were canceled. AQUACADE. National Security Agency codename for a signals intelligence satellite series that became operational in May 1977 as a second generation of the RHYOLITE system.

Altogether, a dozen Big Birds were put into orbit until July 1978, and they played a significant role in detecting Soviet violations of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) treaties that were intended to cap the number of nuclear warheads and delivery systems in the possession of the United States and the Soviet Union. The huge investment in the KH-11 led some in the intelligence community to complain that it had starved other projects of funding. BISMARCK • 25 BIG SAFARI. The Strategic Air Command codename for the Peacetime Airborne Reconnaissance Program that conducted ELINT collection flights along the periphery of the Soviet Union.

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