By Jaroslav Holman

This catalog provides host lists of specific aphid species within the Palaearctic quarter in accordance with released info and greater than 2,400 of the author’s unpublished host files, with respective references prepared by way of geographical provenance. The publication comprises separate lists of aphids dwelling on specific crops, prepared in alphabetical order of plant households and genera, individually for mosses, ferns, gymnosperms, dicotyledons and monocotyledons.

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Fagaceae) JP: Blackm08, Hig02, Tak01B Quercus dilatata ROYLE (Fagaceae) IND-NE: GhoshA16 Quercus glauca T HUNB . (Fagaceae) JP: Blackm08, Hig02, Tak01A, Tak06A Aloephagus myersi E SSIG , 1950 Aloe aristata H AW. (Liliaceae) GB: East06, Str15 Aloe ferox M ILL . (Liliaceae) IT-SIC: Patti04 Aloe humilis M ILL . (Liliaceae) FR: Lec14 Aloe parvula B GR . (Liliaceae) FR: Lec14 Aloe zebrina BAKER (Liliaceae) FR: Lec14 Amegosiphon platicaudum (NARZIKULOV, 1953) Berberis (Berberidaceae) AFG: Narz37; IRN: Hodj07, Rezw02; TAJ: Narz27; UZB: Narz24A, Narz27 Berberis iliensis M.

R. G HOSH , M. BANERJEE & A. K. G HOSH , 1973 Quercus dealbata ROYLE (Fagaceae) IND-NE: Blackm08, GhoshA22, GhoshA35, GhoshA45, Raych03, Raych04, Raych18 Allotrichosiphum castanopse Q UIAO , 2000 Castanopsis hickelii A. C AMUS (Fagaceae) CN-SE: Qiao04 Falcaria rivini = F. vulgaris Falcaria sioides = F. vulgaris Falcaria vulgaris B ERNH . (Apiaceae) AZB: Rus02 (Aphis falcarii), Rus04 (Aphis falcarii); CZ: Holm43, Holm45; DE: Müller50; GEG: Dzhe05, Dzhe13; HU: Sze28; MO: Ver06; PL: Sze22, Sze36; SK: Holm00; TR: Özd01; UK: Bozh05, Bozh07, Bozh16; UK-CR: Holm04 Prionitis falcaria = Falcaria vulgaris Amphicercidus alaicus (M UKHAMEDIEV & A KHMEDOV, 1995) Lonicera nummulariaefolia JAUB .

K IR . (Caprifoliaceae) JP: Miyaz06 Lonicera chrysantha T URCZ . & L EDEB . ) D IPP. (Caprifoliaceae) RF-FE: Pash06 Lonicera glabrata WALL . IN ROXB . indicus) Lonicera japonica T HUNB . ) M AXIM . ) R EGEL (Caprifoliaceae) RF-FE: Pash06 Lonicera morrowii A. G RAY (Caprifoliaceae) JP: Hig02, Miyaz06 Lonicera ruprechtiana R EGEL (Caprifoliaceae) RF-FE: Pash06 Lonicera tatarica L. ) ampullata bengalensis Amphicercidus laniger (TAKAHASHI , 1927) Stauntonia hebandra H AYATA (Lardizabalaceae) CN-TWN: Tak42, Tak47, Tak51, Tao07 (Sappaphis lanigera) Amphicercidus lonicerae M AITY & C HAKRABARTI , 1982 Lonicera (Caprifoliaceae) IND: Chakr35; IND-NW: Chakr47A, Chakr50, Maity04 Lonicera quinquelocularis H ARDW.

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